SLP Applauds Government On Keeping Its One Laptop Per Child Promise

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The Saint Lucia Labour Party applauds the Government of Saint Lucia on keeping its promise to reinstate the One Laptop Per Child programme.

On 9th June 2022, the Government of Saint Lucia distributed over 3800 laptops, valued at $2,945,000.00 to forms 1 and 2 students enrolled in 22 secondary schools.

The laptops were distributed by the parliamentary representatives at the District Education offices, including Opposition parliamentarians Hon. Allen Chastanet and Hon. Bradley Felix who represent the Micoud South and Choiseul-Saltibus constituencies.

During the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s campaign leading up to the July 26th 2021 General Elections, our Political Leader, Hon. Philip J. Pierre promised to “immediately reinstate the One Laptop Per Child Programme” that was discontinued by the Allen Chastanet Administration when they came into office in June 2016.

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From 2016 to 2021, Saint Lucian students were deprived of laptop devices for studies, and during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the former Allen Chastanet administration made the ill-advised decision to instead purchase e-books and subscriptions for students, claiming that e-books were better than laptops.

When the Saint Lucia Labour Party government took office, it was discovered that:

1. The subscriptions were incompatible with the ebooks, wasting over $2 million
of taxpayers’ money
2. The ebooks were faulty and incompatible with software needed for students
doing technical subjects
3. Hundreds of ebooks were found in a storage room and were not functioning While the former UWP administration tries to find every fault with our government’s policy to “encourage life- long learning, and address all levels of the education process in a coherent way”, the government has delivered on its promise.

Source: Saint Lucia Labour Party

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  1. Why is it that SLT refuse to post my comments but can glorify that nitwit NOGRADE, by posting every nonsensical comment coming from that moron.

  2. I can guarantee you that the standard of education will further drop. SLP witnessed first hand the failure of that program. UWP tried the ebooks which at least helped teachers to do some more interactive teaching. I think it too failed like the laptop program. What would have made more sense was to use these laptops or ebooks to create smart classrooms. At this point with 6 – 7 years of laptops and ebooks distribution, every school in St Lucia would be fully equipped with smart classrooms. I guess that may not have won votes, but I can almost guarantee you that by the end of this calendar year two thirds of these laptops will be stored at the ministry awaiting repairs like every set before. I don’t blame politicians or either party for all the damaged devices at the ministry but I think they need to be smarter and use our scarce resources more wisely to benefit more children and improve the education system.

  3. I hope these laptops are used wisely by the students and help them get good grades. After all it is still tax payers money. I also hope it is used for the intended purpose and I hope also that the students take care of it. Many times these laptops go bad within months and sometimes stolen from the students. The real and main question is will the students grades go up now they have laptops to assist them to be more intelligent? Or another waste of tax payers money?

  4. This is one of the dumbest headlines I have read. Isn’t the now government slp? So there’re actually applauding or congratulating themselves. But… OK! Anyways 100% for the laptop program.

  5. Ok – good Job.

    Can we get the Specs on those devices and the software installed on the devices ?

    Are they smart devices or some dump terminals most parents use as a piece of furniture at home ? Just asking for a friend.

  6. Well well what is pjp administration is doing to our children..Why some of the teachers that are complaining behind closed doors stand with the ministry..Lord I feel sorry for my people anymore that knows better knows the Ebooks are better than the computer..wait 3months you see mostly all the Djs in St. Lucia will have one..Selling them for food..

    • ….well, well, well, Clownette, another disgraced Chapter in The United Worthless Party Reign Of Terror……I am surprise you had the grayest balls to report it; there, there, there, shame has no boundaries. “Hundreds found in a room” “E Books were faulty” “Subscriptions were incompatible” “USD$ 2 Million wasted” THE ABSOLUTE SHAME OF IT, and they wonder why Good Sense St Lucian’s kicked them to the curve. Oh well ! We will NEVER AGAIN return to those Dark Yellow Days of “just for some”, build it and they will come and you will enjoy the crumbs trickle down economics 101 by Big Bird Allen Chastanet .

      • It’s not able giving a child a laptop but what about the internet. I hope allowances are made for that as well, because what’s the point of giving a child a laptop without internet access and boasting about it here on SLT.

  7. Everyone who don’t understand how a computer can be useful must be dinosaur.
    Every home (that cannot afford it), almost all business, all Governments has them.
    Why you’ll want to deprived the people who cannot have one from having one.
    If the laptop is use correctly the potential for improving and knowledge is limitless.
    I am a profession and know other professionals and its impossible to work without one.
    Many of the people saying that the poor should not have computers I am sure they have one or have access to one. And if they were afford a laptop would gladly accept it.

    • A laptop is also a toy. Give to students and we all know what is the first thing the majority will do.

  8. SLP alone doesn’t know that a laptop is now a TOY. I am again asking the Ministry of education the effectiveness of the laptop that was given in 2011-2016. Tell us what direction these laptops moved the needle in education during that period. I certain if it was good they would have been boasting that result even in this release.

    • This is all that SLP propaganda machine can do, spread lies like wildfire. They only had 3 years of the laptop program and not 5 as they want us to believe. One set of laptops from Venezuela (Kenny tops) were useless and not compatible to our system.
      The UWP introduced the Ebook program not during the pandemic but long before. In some subject areas the books were not compatible with the CSEC syllabus. The first set had some issues but in the main they were good and removed the burden of buying books on the parents.
      Today we are back to booklist and expenses of purchasing books. Worst of all, there are no longer bookstores in St Lucia, all the major ones started going out of business from Kenny and finally closed their eyes when the ebooks were introduced under Chastenet.

  9. Laptops has distracted over 50% of our students. Will you help those who cannot afford internet? What are the specs on these laptops? So we are now back to buying Text books and to get internet in this very, very, very difficult time. Why didn’t you try to improve on the ebooks? Playing politics.

  10. A labour dog and pony show to keep st.lucians dumb! A stunt show to get the illiterate in this country to not think! A deflection tactic to put more money in their pockets! Steve van son king….will keep selling st lucian sons and daughters to ken knee and toni as long as lay-bas keep putting money in his pocket from their illegal guns and drug trade money!!!! Watch how crime and violence is so high under their watch! Thats the change that the sell out steve van son king tricked lucians into… sad!!!!!

  11. MR. CHASTENET YOU MUST COME BACK!!! CHASTENET MUST COME BACK!!!! Them lay-bar boys clueless!!! The blind leading the blind into a ditch and lucia is in a massive blackout from violence and economic turmoil! Not every black man is your friend and not every white man is your enemy. Chastenet was the man to at least lead st. Lucia through the rough times that the world is about to go through. But the people chose their King and because the lucian peoole listened to that BIG SELL OUT STEVE VAN SON KING…. EE KA VAN TOUTE ST LUCIE POUR MAL!!! WAKE UP LUCIA THE DEVIL’S ALREADY IN THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION DETAILS!!!!


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