SLP Backs State Of Emergency But Vows To Remain Vigilant

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has promised to cooperate in the fight against COVID-19 and the imposition of a state of emergency.

But  the party has vowed to remain vigilant.

The pledge was made by SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre, as he spoke in parliament in support of the declaration of the state of emergency.

The measure gives sweeping powers to the Allen Chastanet administration.

However despite backing the initiative, Pierre asserted that with the best intentions in the world there are some people who will use that opportunity to settle ‘political points’.

“We hope it doesn’t happen, but that has been our experience,” the Castries East MP told parliament.

He said anytime the opposition supports a measure in the parliament, there is a political backlash.

“Political spin, because it’s just in their nature to make people cry,” Pierre declared.

“So we really hope that’s a different beginning to what we are accustomed to. So we support the order,” the SLP leader stated.

But he made clear that there were some reservations that the same effect could have been achieved under other laws.

Nevertheless, Pierre explained that the opposition has taken the position that the COVID-19 situation is too grave.

“We err on the side of the health of the people of Saint Lucia,” he told the house.

According to the SLP leader, if the opposition was making a mistake, it was in the cause of the health of the people of this country for COVID-19 to be abated and not get out of hand.


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