SLP Calls For Calm After Viral Video Of Near Miss Involving Its Supporters

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has called for calm after a viral video showed an individual driving an open back van with people dressed in yellow, narrowly missing some labour supporters.

The labour supporters leaped out of the way of the fast moving vehicle.

Eyewitnesses say the incident occurred at Marc, Bexon on Sunday, a day the SLP dubbed ‘Pan Sunday.’

In observance of the day, some SLP supporters took to the streets in several communities, beating pans in protest against the Allen Chastanet administration.

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Sunday also marked the fifth anniversary of the June 6, 2016 elections which the United Workers Party (UWP) won by a margin of 11 to 6.

And the opposition has been clamouring for Prime Minister Chastanet to ‘ring the bell’.

SLP Communications Officer, Maundy Lewis, condemned the Marc, Bexon incident.

Screen grab from video
Screen grab from video

“We strongly condemn it because a lot could have gone wrong both with our supporters and  also the UWP supporters who were behind the vehicle,” Lewis explained.

“But I would just like to reiterate what our party leader, Philip J. Pierre has said in that we call for a calm and a sober campaign,” the SLP Communications Officer stated.

She declared that this is not a time for persons to engage in any kind of violent acts.

“We are encouraging all Saint Lucians to be safe during these elections,” Lewis said.

According to her, the SLP understands that a lot of people are hurting.

Lewis also said that many people are unemployed, but the current administration behaves as if it does not care about the well-being of Saint Lucians.

However, she said the SLP wants to encourage Saint Lucians that deliverance is near.

“Keep the faith and when election day is called go out and vote for the  SLP and against this uncaring UWP government,” Lewis urged.


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