SLP Candidate “mourned” in Castries

Some are dead serious about their politics, as is evident by the grave lengths to which they are prepared to go to make their point.

This much was evident today near the Gros Islet bus stop in Castries.

On display there was a cut out portrait of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party Castries Central candidate – Stanley Felix, tucked into a make shift coffin complete with flowers.

The inscription above the cutout read “R.I.P Stanley Felix.”

Ironically, the cutout of the SLP candidate had a smiling face.

Who the joke is on will eventually become evident, as the morning after election day may well be a mourning for some and rejoicing for others depending on the outcome.

Felix will be making another bid to capture the Castries Central seat, in a straight fight with former MP for the constituency, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

Richard Frederick, who was the incumbent, officially announced this week that he would not be running.

In the run up to the June 6, 2016 general elections, supporters of both main parties have at times gone to great lengths to make their support or lack thereof for each party and their individual candidates manifest.

One woman showed up some time ago at a ruling Labour Party rally in a wedding dress, bearing a placard with the message: “Married to Labour!”

Other candidates have been hanged in effigy indicating that their political prospects are dead.

However, as election approaches, it is quite evident that political drama both on and off the platform, is very much alive in Saint Lucia.



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