Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SLP Chairman Says ‘Watch Out’ For ‘Last Minute Vote Buying’

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Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Chairman Moses Jn Baptiste has called on the people of this country be on guard for last minute vote buying.

The call comes as the country awaits general elections this year.

“Study what the government has done, or not done – most of it is what the government has not done,” Jn Baptiste stated.

According to the Vieux Fort North MP, the SLP continues to bring the issues to the fore.

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“We continue to ask our people to watch out for these last minute vote buying activities,” Jn Baptiste stated.

And he accused the Allen Chastanet administration of starving the people.

“They have demonstrated that they don’t really care about the people,” the SLP Chairman asserted.

He said over the last five years those in government have been more interested in their ‘big multi-million dollar projects.’

“We saw what happened with Cabot and we saw what happened with DSH,” Jn Baptiste said.

But he indicated that the basic needs of the people, such as health care, have been neglected.

In this regard, the opposition MP made reference to what has happened to St Jude Hospital.

He also expressed concern about the availability of medicines at hospitals and the provision of electronic devices to students.

“Social safety nets – so many things. The government has just abandoned the people of Saint Lucia,” he told Tuesday’s news conference.

However, the MP observed that now they are going around in the constituencies attempting to ‘purchase entire families’.

“They have made statements to the effect that (in) certain constituencies, they have the money and they can just go and buy Vieux Fort North or buy Castries South or Castries East or Vieux Fort or Laborie or Dennery North and so on, and that is their attitude,” he explained.

Nevertheless Jn Baptiste described Saint Lucians as being conscientious, conscious people.

As a result, he said the SLP will continue to highlight the issues, knowing that on election day, the people will not allow vote buying to take control of the rest of their lives.


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