Saturday, February 16, 2019
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SLP Chairman writes Police Chief over statements by ruling party official

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Commissioner of Police

Police Headquarters

Royal Saint Lucia Police Force


Bridge Street CASTRIES

12th September, 2018

Dear Commissioner,

I write to lodge my concerns and that of the Saint Lucia Labour Party over statements made by the General Secretary of the ruling United Workers Party, Mr. Oswald Augustin published in the Voice Newspaper of 8th. September, 2018. Statements which suggest that Mr. Augustin is in possession of information which should only be in the custody of the Police, and further that he has the authority to publicize such information.
Following an announcement of legal action against the Parliamentary Representative of Castries South, Hon. Ernest Hilaire and accusation of impersonation by “a female personality of someone in authority” he proceeds in paragraphs five (5) and six (6) to state as follows:
“Law enforcement agencies on island have successfully collected information which is likely to bring the offenders to justice.
A top Israeli investigative officer presently on island on other related issues is expected to assist law enforcement officers in curtailing such breeches of protocol, including the ongoing leakages which remain of great concern to the security of the state.”
How does Mr. Augustin get possession of information that law enforcement officers have successfully collected and yet to act on; and why does he feel empowered to make such a revelation?

We view Mr. Augustin’s statements as a suggestion that in his attempts at getting after political opponents, he has the benefit of access to the machinery and operation of the police in Saint Lucia.
Such statements by a senior member of the ruling United Workers Party are ominous and should be a source of grave concern to the citizens of our country. As you would appreciate, Commissioner, citizens are expected to trust that the actions of our Police are above board and are not exercised on the whims and fancies of political operatives like Mr. Augustin. Any indication to the contrary can lead to a loss of confidence in the Police and its operations.

We trust that you will use the authority of your office to properly investigate the basis for such bold announcements by the General Secretary of the UWP. Further, that you will help calm anxieties that such action may cause to the citizens who rely on the impartiality of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force by making a public announcement on the matter.

Yours truly,

Hon Moses Jn Baptiste Party Chairman

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  1. Really !!! SLP is known for soliciting foreign assistance for investigative proposes. … the last known one was hiring of an American to investigate Guy Joseph ….. most of Kenny Anthony casses were done by Dominican lawyer Astaphan.. paid exorbitant price … when he had the services of Attorney General office … Most commission of inquiries he did was foreign legal minds … I can go on and on … SLP just wait for next elections and see if we gonna vote yll in … maybe Federick might help yll ??

  2. The point of the letter is stating that Mr. augustin is utilizing the police force and the Israeli investigator to politically acted the SLP. This is wrong the Police should not be affected by politicians

  3. Slp never surprises me with. Imagine when they constantly leak information and no letters have been written. Makes me wonder what’s so detrimental that we Lucians should find out. Fredrick leaking stuff all the time no letters written. Dirty politics. Both parties just preying on the ignorance of it people. Smh.

  4. So what the police have to do about statements made by someone? Is it a crime to make a statement? The police have their record, so is Mr. Agustin and anybody else for that matter My advice to you: If you are offended by his statements, then take him to court.

  5. Is this A hole for real?
    Man I know losing out on 8gs a month is alot to swallow but come on.
    Impacts report should Kenny have had it?