Thursday, February 20, 2020

SLP Choiseul Group Urged To Grow Its Base Through Inclusion

The Choiseul/Saltibus constituency group of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party has been urged to  grow the constituency base and organise itself ahead of the next general elections.

Delivering the feature address to the annual general meeting of the group Sunday, Doctor Alphonsus St Rose asserted that organisation is the group’s biggest challenge.

The former President of the Saint Lucia Medial and Dental Association (SLMDA) declared that the opposition cannot regain the Choiseul/Saltibus seat with its  current ‘base’.

“You have to grow the base,” St Rose urged.

He said the SLP constituency group has to educate its core supporters to understand that they cannot be territorial.

“You have to be inclusive,” St Rose explained.

“You have labour party supporters who walked out; you have to bring them back in. You have undecided voters – people who don’t know where they stand; you have to go and take them back in; you have from the opposition side people who are disenchanted and want something else – you got to bring them in,” he stated.

According to St Rose, at the end of the day it is a numbers game.

“2012 reminded us how one vote – four votes make a difference. You have to bring in everybody. You cannot afford to be parochial: ‘I ain’t talking to Flambeau. Mate’s a Flambeau.’ We need the numbers,” he asserted to scattered applause.

“You can only get those numbers if you are inclusive,” he declared.

“That participatory role that you the constituency group need to play is spelled out in the party’s constitution – that’s your role; you have to embrace it,” St Rose told his audience.

“At all levels, from leadership to ground we ought to be singing in the same key. We cannot be saying different things – the message has to be one message, and very clear,” he stated.

“Otherwise, we become very dissonant,” St Rose warned.

He told opposition members that the extent to which they can muster the support of constituents to derive and fulfill the national purpose of the constituency group, will define the SLP’s ability to regain the confidence of the people and remain a formidable force.

St Rose told members of the SLP group that they had to go back to the structure set prior to 1997.

He recalled that there was a constituency group and constituency divisions.

“These are the people on the ground. The divisions feed into the constituency group – constituency group feeds upwards. That has gone and that has to come back,” St Rose declared.

“That’s how you get to know what’s happening on the ground,” he explained.

“That is very critical – organisation is your biggest challenge,” St Rose asserted.

“All of this is a process that is time sensitive,” he told his audience, adding that the goal can only be realised through hard work, motivation and sacrifice.

“That work has to start very,” he stated.

“If you wait until the bell rings, it means you are too late,” St Rose observed.

He said building and cementing a sustainable relationship with constituents  has to take centre stage.

“That work has to start from today,” St Rose said.

“You cannot wait for when elections are called – that is going to be a problem.”



  1. This is food for thought for the SLP Gros Islet Management group, headed by the not so popular Rosie Fregis who herself practices exclusion when it suits her. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the SLP supporters of Gros Islet can’t be rid of her. Dey kyanh get rid of Rosie you tink is Chastanet and Spider dey will be able to rid themselves of? 🙂 🙂

  2. Rosie Fregis carries on as if she is above the members of the SLP Gros Islet group, with no regard and respect for anyone. Her strategy is gutter politics. She and her zeleves working hard to keep her in a position as Chairperson for which she lacks the inter-personal skills needed. And you expect disgruntled supporters to gravitate back towards your party? If anything those who remained to steer the SLP ship after it went aground are asking themselves if they should stay on.

    Captain di ship is sinking (AGAIN),
    Captain di sea’s a rough …

    Tan-tan tan-toe …

    • Rosie Fregis has been a loose cannon for a long time and is getting worse by the minute. It would do the executive of the party good to reign her in now before she gets totally out of control. She needs training in interpersonal skills and anger management. God forbid SLP should win and they place this woman in a high profile position. All fall dong!

  3. so that was true all the roro the doctor was making is because he wants to contest the seat for labour. well boy lame to to slaughter am staying with my home boy

  4. It is not the UWP dividing the SLP the SLP members themselves too much gutter politics

  5. So Dr St Rose, that was your agenda all along? We really thought you were for the people. If you contest that seat you losing your deposit
    Sad sad sad…….you did have ulterior motive.
    Let’s wait for the next one,

  6. Dr St Rose
    Do you promise to be a people person and don’t treat people like they are inferior to you.
    Even your patients are treated with attitude

    • You are too right…This so called Dr St Rose was like he was walking on air…he did not want dust to touch his shoes…Oh the attitude, the highty tighty, the I am the business…the almighty…now he is in politics?…well I would think twice before he gets my vote.

  7. You bastard now it’s political St.Rose who u guys think u fooling, man get a real life politics is not for u because from day one u start lieing to the ppl.

  8. SLP needs to tackle inclusion at the constituency level and then at the national level. When you see the same executive members being elected year in year out, how can there be change? Old friends with old ideas….they refuse to embrace fresh ideas and new blood. They fight down each other right there in their communities but want to talk about inclusivity. Charity begins at home and if you can’t embrace each other in the community…if you can’t stop the backbiting and fight down in your very own constituency how can you be inclusive?

  9. thats the problem with lucian politics; every dog after that bone and want a slice. he would be better off serving his people as a doctor, if he is one, rather than going after power. just so the man want to waste his years of studying for his medical degree. if so, then he will never get my vote. politricks is not for everyone. if you were blessed enough to come through medical school and help people, then that should be your focus, not greed. if he bored, he can take time out, or try practicing somewhere else entirely to learn new skills and meet new people to enhance his learning, then return here after his stint. what a foolish man!

  10. But you St. Lucians really think small eh. so just because they invited the man to do a feature address he turn politician I never hear such rubbish
    Dr. St Rose has his own practice and does not need to be a politican

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