Thursday, February 20, 2020

PM: SLP has coherent plan to create jobs

In an eleventh hour appeal to voters ahead of tomorrow’s general elections, Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony asserted tonight that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), is the only party presenting a coherent plan to create jobs.

In an address to the nation, Anthony recalled the presentation of the SLP’s manifesto on Wednesday night.

“We indicated that our continued preoccupation will be the creation of more jobs,” the Prime Minister said.

He stated that in the fourth quarter of 2015, the SLP administration created 5,220 new jobs.

According to Anthony, the government proposes to attract $3.5 billion dollars in new investment, undertake a massive construction programme, and continue to transform the way Saint Lucia does business.

“Our goal is to drive the unemployment rate down even further, to the point where every Saint Lucian who is looking for a job, has an opportunity to get a job,” the SLP leader declared, adding it had been done before.

“In 2006, we brought unemployment way down – to 13.6% and it was heading to even lower levels until the UWP took over. By 2011, after their mismanagement and corruption, it had skyrocketed to an all-time high of 24%” Anthony told the nation.

He recalled that the SLP administration had to start all over.

Nevertheless Anthony remarked that already, in this term, the SLP has succeeded in reducing unemployment again, from “that unacceptable” 24% to 20.5% by the last Quarter of 2015.

He expressed confidence about reducing unemployment even further, because several new investments are lined up.

Anthony said that he was proud that on every count, his administration has delivered.

He told the nation the choice in the upcoming elections is clear.

“The road that the New United Workers Party would like to lead you along is a rough and rocky road, with many precipices, many scary corners, and many uncertainties lurking in the dark,” Anthony said.

On the other hand, he asserted that the other road is one that takes Saint Lucia on a journey of continued growth and development.

“It is the road of political stability and genuine development; and no infighting or leadership struggles,” the Prime Minister stated.

He acknowledged that he has his shortcomings as someone who is never perfect and cannot be.

But he said he can assure Saint Lucians without hesitation that he does what he believes to be best for this country.

Anthony said:

“I come now to you in the twilight of my political career and for me, this will always remain a memorable campaign. My mission is simply to complete the job that I started, and to secure the fortunes of our economy and our people.”






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