SLP Concerned Over Passage Of Controversial COVID-19 Bill

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has expressed concern over the passage Tuesday night of the controversial COVID-19 Prevention and Control bill.

“The people of Saint Lucia are incensed by the lack of consultation on this draconian COVID-19 (Prevention & Control) Bill,” the SLP declared in a post on its official Facebook page.

The party had joined the  the Saint Lucia Bar Association and the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association in requesting that the Bill be deferred in order to allow for public consultation.

But the SLP lamented that to the consternation of all, the Government insisted on passing the  Bill into law Tuesday night, thus extending the State of Emergency.

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“This piece of legislation is too critical to ignore the wishes of the people and so the Saint Lucia Labour Party would not confer legitimacy to the high handed and dictatorial actions of the Government,” the SLP Facebook post observed.

It asserted that the SLP is very clear that it will support any legislation that protects the people of Saint Lucia.

However,  the party noted that it will not support the unnecessary restrictions and erosion of rights and freedoms of Saint Lucians through ill conceived and unjust laws.

The SLP declared that the Government, by its attitude and actions Tuesday night, has given the people further cause to remove it from office at the next general elections and to exile all of its members from the Parliament of Saint Lucia in order that this country can have a progressive future.

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