SLP Condemns Attack On Saint Lucia Media

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Press Release:–  The antagonistic relationship between the Media and this current UWP Government, its surrogates and supporters continues to be a cause for concern for the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

This week’s attacks on journalists Tresha Lionel and Miguel Fevrier should be vehemently
denounced by the citizens of Saint Lucia.

In a free and democratic country, the Press remains important as a watchdog on behalf of the citizens, monitoring the behaviour of Government, Opposition and public institutions.

The verbal abuse and intimidation by this UWP Government towards the Press are aimed at
distracting the public from the malfeasance which is rampant in this society, especially under the guise of contracts and capital works projects.

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The Media must be encouraged to continue carrying out their duty to investigate and report on matters directly affecting Saint Lucia.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on this Government and its surrogates to apologise for the abhorrent behaviour meted out to Tresha Lionel by a UWP member and to Miguel Fevrier by Hon. Guy Joseph.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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