SLP Criticises Government Spending, Despite PM’s Assertion That Country Is ‘Broke’

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has criticised spending  by the Allen Chastanet administration, despite Chastanet’s assertion that this country is broke.

The criticism came in a post on the SLP’s official Facebook page.

The post, which is reproduced below, was accompanied by a table citing government expenditure.

“Saint Lucia is Broke!!” The famous four words uttered by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet shortly after he took office in June 2016. Never have four simple and short words come back with such vengeance to haunt the person who uttered them.

In the years and months after the Prime Minister made those fiscal pronouncements, he proceeded to manage the affairs of Saint Lucia in a manner that directly contradicted this statement.

From his management one would have thought that Saint Lucia had a recent discovery of oil, or some rare earth metal such as cerium or lanthanum used in the production of highly demanded cell phones.

In fact, he managed Saint Lucia like a country that is rich in natural resources such as oil, gold, diamonds, etc. with the wealth accruing to a very small subset of the population. We will describe this as a ‘cabal economy’.

In describing a cabal economy, we cannot rely on our own biases, our internal perceptions or our partisan motives, we need to rely on the evidence to support our designation of Saint Lucia as a ‘cabal economy.’

If we examine the list below, we can see that there is no consideration for ordinary Saint Lucians, Small and Micro enterprises, or even export ready firms.

This appears to be strictly an operation transferring wealth from the taxpayers of Saint Lucia to family, friends and foreigners associated with the government. There has even been admission of the practice on the platforms of the UWP. The evidence is clear.

Is the Country Broke?
Clearly a small country that found significantly more than $621 million from its coffers over a three-year period to provide contracts for friends of the Government could not have been broke in 2016 when the UWP assumed office.

The more important question is ‘Is the country now broke because of all of these generous donations?’

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  2. But the SLP Monkeys knows that they left the country broke,, and they trying every thing to dirty the UWP their defeaters name,,,,, PHILIP J PIERRE can never be prime minister of st.lucia,, because non-sense he’s talking,, and some fulls clapping and screaming that A..H

  3. What makes this whole release fake and this is what I am sure about: CABOT $30.00, was a loan from NIC. OJo Lab a very fruitful investment in the youth of the country. Investment value has almost been recovered. DSH bypass road belongs to and is used by St Lucians. Lockerbie: Taiwanese funded into the youth of the country. not Ti canal jobs for the boys. DSH concert which was a free 13th December concert held at the MAGI Ground in VFort. I guess VFort did not deserve it. Sandals Withholding tax was never paid to sandals. It was an exemption of tax given to investors even by your administration.

    Why don’t you guys justify your nonsense. You know you have to say these thing 100s of time to make it true. If there was truth you would have said it only once and the people would believe but you know they do not believe you so keep on saying it.

  4. ……Bawy I don’t know this nothing new for me I have been saying this for months and all the reason why Allen Michael Chastanet has to go…..they could even put back King I wouldn’t complain so much. This is what they don’t get, will not get or ever get, you are asking your civil servants for drastic cuts, MAY NIC is not even paid out yet…what month are we in ?? But yet we are building and spending like The SLP said “we are a country of natural resources” WE HAVE OIL. Billions in the Red, close to seven billion EC to be exact, the highest debt ceiling in the country’s history, no hotel tax, no departure tax, no landing fees, no docking fees, reduction in disposable income, reduction in VAT collection, Nothing coming Nothing going out but yet spending like it’s Christmas Eve. All during Covid there was never a “tightening of the belt” if this was been done you could have said OK the country is broke and they trying…. NOTHING ! Now we are under the IMF Gun and poised to borrow even more from them from the recent report I have just read on more funds allocated to the Caribbean another US Billion and change from The IMF. We are in so much debt I don’t know how we are able to breath, we must end up in court like Grenada.

  5. Well well well….the country is broke and u want it soooo bad…like really…who u all fooling. SLP…wherl m come again….it has to be a bee hive to want a broke country so baddddd….u will fight till death to get the dead horse….merman….sa a wed….all these figures u showed…is like Chas give everybody a gift just so…wow….
    Anyways….You all are the ones who inherited Jufallis posessions…bring it out……SIGH

    • ……someone has to save us from this mad man ! He has his millions already is poor St Lucians that will pay the price not him not his children not his wife not his family POOR PEOPLE. St Lucians have been dealing with blows to their pockets from Allen Michael Chastanet way before he became you PM. Now that he is at the Helm the sufferation is too much and the IMF was the last straw that broke the camels back his ass must go…. it’s more than just usual politics it’s about FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and he has failed in this regard of managing THE MONETARY RESPOSIBILITIES TO THE NATION IN AN ACUTE MANNER. Allen Chastanet behaves like a CHRONIC GAMBLER WITH A DESEASE.

  6. That’s why I say politicians can never fool me… let the labor and flambeau think these so called politicians care about us…. country is in a bad state economy not doing well… so if you SLP better know as SAY LA PEN… how you all are going to take care of the poor people you all using because they can’t think for themselves.. Hungry power jokers this election people better think before they cast their I’m a laborian and that’s opinion 🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🙏🙏🙏

  7. During the SLP Administrations I complained and noted their profligacy. The description was that they threw money at problems did no followup nor management of the funds. The result was our National Debt climbing by hundreds of millions with limited growth.

    Unfortunately Chastanet is no better. Like a big uncoordinated kid he jumps at every flashy option to spend our limited resources , also does no follow up before he rushes madly into the next foolish scheme. Again our National Debt has climbed by hundreds of millions.
    Instead of the investments here there and everywhere he promised Chastanet is back to doing exactly what the SLP depended on prior to elections. Borrowing money to fix roads and do other standard projects.
    We voted in Chastanet for the investments but it has been all smoke and mirrors.
    St. Lucians are stuck between a rock and a hard place with these two parties.

  8. Lucian Highgrade stop spewing nonsense and find something better to do with your time. Your arguments are so baseless and a regugitation of the crap that Helaire and Kenny are forcing PIP to say to highlight his incompetence for them to use as a takeover ploy. You always have a latest IMF report that if one is to take you seriously they would think that the IMF puts out a report on St Lucia 3 times daily.

  9. Was there ever a time when a politician has said st lucia has money? Im sure we could go back through all these administrations and prepare a similar list….especially the period when civil servants accept 001…

  10. this man is nothing more than a conARTIST!!! A month ago half bonds and half cash a month ago, and now you have too much money? YOU CANNOT FOOL THE PEOPLE!!!! You, your corrupt family and all your white racist friends MUST GO!!!!!

  11. Why you’ll so?everything is red or yellow. Wasn’t it Prime minister Chastnet who said that the country is broke? So if he is still spending millions citizens have the right to question. Gosh!!!

  12. You all don’t want to see chas there the campaign against him is clear for all to see. So much of the statement is false and deliberate just to get people to believe lies. Well who wants to will believe it but I hate to see the attempt to destroy someone like the slp continues to do. They find the worst ways to tarnish people character wether true or false when you oppse them but when you’re on their side you’re an angel. Stop that nonsense Lucians see it for what it is. Ask them why can hilaire lead them, is it because he is so corupt and they can’t take that chance. Now poor pip there while they begging Mario to return to take over. Poor alver always his laborie they want from him to fit those guys and the poor guy is victimised by his own party cuz he stands his ground.

    • If we would all at least look at facts before spouting we might be in a much better place. A lot of the deniers are just doing so without a thread of data and a lot of hearsay. I did write a long piece with data and facts which never got posted. It’s pretty annoying when one takes his time to comment and it does not show up on this board.

  13. Pip and company why don’t you all stop fooling people. You all keep talking the same crap over and over and over. Before you open your mouths everyone including your gullible supporters who believe all you say already know what it is you are going to say. You guys keeping saying that the government give money or donations to the companies identified above. You all know just like me the money was for projects just like you guys gave money for projects to many companies duing your reign. In the case of Sandals you know it was tax concession given which your administration also gave in addition to a number of other concessions not only to Sandals but also a number of oher hotels. In the case of DHS you know it was concession given to a foreign investment which is done by all administrations to attract foreign investment. That is why KENNY wanted to give TEO alot more concession than Chastenet did.
    Of course the country was broke when Chastenet became PM in Twenty sixteen. Hence the reason why after the first year in government not much could be done. It is through this government effort economic growth was realized. Additional unlike under Kenny who was asked to put his financial house in order before he could get loans or rIse bonds the financial institutions and securities markets had confidence in Chastenet because of how he manages the local economy and so he was ableto raise funds for some ofthe project.
    You can fool some people someof theti e but you cannot fool everybody all of the time.
    Every time you guys open you all mouths to talk crap you all drift farther away from getting into power. Take my foolish advice if you have to open your mouths to say something ensure that it makes sense or is truthful. LUCIANS ARE TIRED OF HEARING YOUR CRAP

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