SLP Delegation ‘Well Received’ By Residents Of Dennery South

A Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) delegation was ‘well received’ by residents of Dennery South, when the group led by party leader Philip J. Pierre toured the constituency, a post on the SLP’s official Facebook page on Sunday said.

Pierre joined SLP endorsed candidate for the constituency, Alfred Prospere on the tour.

“I am humbled by the overwhelming support from the people of Dennery South as I join Alfred “Starbatch” Prospere to walk through the constituency he will vie to represent in the coming months. Make no mistake, the people will #ProsperWithProspere and they are chanting loud and clear for all to hear “Moving with Labour”,” Pierre wrote on Saturday on the SLP’s Facebook page.

“The SLP delegation was well received by residents who articulated their vision for their community and Saint Lucia,” the SLP Facebook post observed.

“A pledge to put Saint Lucians first, that is our commitment to You,” it asserted.

The SLP has already announced the start of its official campaign for the next general elections which Prime Minister Allen Chastanet declared recently will be held ‘very soon’.


  1. That’s to show you the difference between discipline people… some of the SLP supporters has no respect for themselves… PJP good luck don’t be fooled with the welcome…I know these group of sour grapes that is in Dennery handouts they waiting for.thats my opinion 🙏🙏🇱🇨

  2. That is a segment of Dennery residents, most of them primary school dropouts. That segment traditionally votes SLP. If SLP can’t provide contracts and handouts, then they will turn against them in a flash. Anyway, election is still far away, and these people can be easily swayed by handouts and money. As election gets closer and money will be changing hands regularly, Chastanet will be able to walk there easily and perhaps gets their votes in the end. I feel sorry for that SLP show and parade. A senseless display of tomfoolery.

  3. We are all ready for the new elections and we will be clear on truth not missed interpretations and friendship. It will be based on the truth and the maters at hand for our beautiful Island Saint. Lucia to move forward positively. Corruption and personal gains should not be priority in the public sector and we are all feeling the downside of every bad calling of every minister of any party. Be mindful we can see and hear but we don’t like to tell to save deliberate or corrupted endorsers within our Island. I pray that the better party wins 🙏

  4. Where are the youth in the backgroud. I am asking the SLP delegate who went to Dennery, where are the youth. Pip being an idiot thought it was opportune to make a visit to Dennery after a couple of fishermen heckled the PM at the fish complex. At this point it was all planned hence I think that charade was a disappointment for the SLP.

  5. I see the very same thing they accused the PM of, no mask, no social distancing, what a bunch of hypocrites.

    The author did well by placing well recieved in quotes because since when walking with supporters become walking freely or well recieved lol lol no one buys that rubbish.

  6. It only shows St Lucians the difference between the two sets of supporters. Whenever the PM or UWP candidates walk through a constituency SLP hecklers come out and display nonsensical behaviours, however when the SLP leader and his candidates walk through a constituency not one UWP supporter comes out to make a nuisance of themselves.
    That’s exactly what was happening in Dominica last year, even our very own Bishop Malzaire was accused of playing politics. Can you remember the results in Dominica’s election?

  7. Who ever came out came out for their party,if you dont agree you stay at home and wait for your time and day,dont be an idiot and shut your mouth.

  8. The people csme out to support their party it is their democratic right ro do that,and the same goes for UWP supporters.

  9. How are they lower hungry isn’t that what an opposition has to do isn’t that what uwp did when they were in opposition you sound like those democrats now.

  10. What is wrong with Pip. You just saw the PM walk through Dennery with your daeclasae supporters as usual making noise. The following day you went there. Remember the silent majority is the one who decides the results of the elections. That is why up to now you cannot accept the results of the last elections because the same noise you are making now happened even more loudly in 2016.

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