SLP Facebook Video Says Chastanet Betrayed CARICOM For Trump

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has posted a video on its official Facebook page that accuses Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, of betraying the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for US President, Donald Trump.

President Trump met Chastanet and the leaders of the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica in March 2019.

“What did Saint Lucia gain?” Bold yellow lettering on the SLP Facebook video asked.

The recording featured Chastanet speaking during a campaign rally of his ruling United Workers Party (UWP).

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“The Labour party has said that Allen Chastanet is Donald Trump,” Chastanet declares in the clip.

The recording then transitions to the Saint Lucia PM and other officials standing with Trump before it returns to Chastanet on the campaign trail.

“Let me tell you something about Donald Trump – he know to make a deal,” Chastanet declares.

Another portion of the recording shows Chastanet and others sitting at the meeting with the US President.

“I want to thank you for the support and leadership you have been providing for the region,” the Saint Lucia PM says to Trump.

Chastanet’s remarks are reproduced in a sentence below his image with question marks in brackets after the words ‘support’ and ‘leadership.’

“Really?” Was the question posed in brackets after the word ‘leadership.’

The recording concludes with US television news coverage of the Donald Trump’s loss in the US Presidential election.

The caption on the recording reads: ‘American Trump gone. Tropical Trump to follow.’

Several CARICOM leaders  had expressed concern over the meeting between Chastanet and a handful other Caribbean leaders with the American President.

The critics included the Prime Ministers of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua and Barbuda.

““I feel embarrassed for those weak-minded leaders, who allowed themselves to be used by carrying out the agenda of others,” Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister, Gaston Browne wrote on his official Facebook page at the time.

Headline photo caption: Screen grab from video posted on SLP Facebook page




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