Friday, September 30, 2022

SLP Government To Strengthen Integrity Commission, Beef Up Staff

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has assured that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will beef up the Integrity Commission and strengthen its staff to ensure that the body enforces the island’s integrity laws.

Pierre  was responding to a reporter’s question whether he would support Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s declaration that her cabinet members would have to declare their assets before serving.

“We have an integrity commission and when you look at our budget issues this year you will see there will be provisions there to strengthen the commission,” Pierre answered.

Pressed on the issue of asset declaration, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister explained that there’s an integrity law and said the government would ensure the commission enforces it.

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He also disclosed plans to strengthen staff at the commission.

“The integrity legislation is there – it has to be policed. It could not have been policed because there was no staffing. It did not have the tools. We are going to give it the tools and I will tell you something, it has to police politicians in the past also,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister stated.

Pierre has consistently declared zero tolerance for corruption.

In this regard, he had announced plans to appoint a special prosecutor to probe allegations of corruption under the former Allen Chastanet.

And Pierre has warned that people will not escape if they steal the people’s money.

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  1. Start with your cabinet and the shabin who was in London. Integrity is not something one goes out and buy, they must have a conscience and a sense of wrong and right. So far this government has shown that they band with rogues and unscrupulous beings and do not want people who speak up, people with integrity, honest people around them. What a farce they are proving to be.

  2. If it have to look at ministers in the past well Kenny pwee uh sa! We already know this hot air will be to no avail.

  3. @Hunter, please try to sound intelligent. You really believe that any body will believe your crap? By the way if Pierre is serious he would not have Hilaire as Deputy.

  4. This guy Pierre looks comical and cartoonish. He doesn’t even have the gravitas to command respect. The man is a caricature.

  5. No not a UWP and you know you lie… so shut up and state your damm opinion. Yourll Lucians like to much roro… freedom of expression. All of them especially the ruling has sticky hands. Kenny scared for them because he know and he is staying away. I agree Kenny ran for your life pa esi mwem mwem.

  6. Fake UWP will support the nastiness we call a government for the past 5 years plus but any true St. Lucian will condemn such because it is hurting our future generation .

  7. As A member of UWP I have never seen so much corruption in my life than the past 6 years .and they must be held accountable for the corruption crimes done against it’s citizen.

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