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SLP Holds Babonneau Town Hall Meeting

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will be holding a town hall meeting at the Babonneau Secondary School tonight, Tuesday July 2, 2019 from 7.00 pm.

“The town hall meeting is the first in a series of engagements that we are holding with the people of Saint Lucia,” SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre explained.

He said what is important for the party is for the people to participate.

According to Pierre, it is not a ‘talk down’ situation but a participatory gathering in which people will be able to articulate the kind of Saint Lucia they want to live in and question opposition party officials.

“We have spoken about a youth-based economy. We want to discuss with the young people of the country what a youth-based economy is,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

“It is not only about youth employment or youth education or youth development. It’s about getting the youth involved in the decision-making,” the SLP leader explained.

He asserted that young people will be the driving force and primarily the ones who will be involved in the youth economy.

Pierre said the SLP wants to make it clear that a labour administration will be ‘results oriented’ and a government for the people, under which projects will benefit citizens.

The SLP leader told St Lucia Times that a labour government’s priority will be the people of this country and will never allow the health sector to deteriorate to the level that it has reached in this country.




  1. “The SLP leader told St Lucia Times that a labour government’s priority will be THE PEOPLE of this country and will never allow the health sector to deteriorate to the level that it has reached in this country.”


    St Jude Hospital was in Kenny, Musa and Alva constituency. Spent THE PEOPLE’s $100,000,000.00 and culd not give it to them.

  2. TRUTH BEING TOLD…Have u forgotten your government was the one who put the hospital at the stadium. For over two years before they were booted out they did nada. More than three years into this new term we still in the stadium although they promised to give the ppl the hospital. I guess it will come to fruition just before elections. So shut the hell up!!!!

    • Have you forgotten it got burnt during my government time hence it is at the stadium. Have you forgotten that Kenny and the SLP had a meeting at the burnt hospital gate asking the PM King to finish the Hospital. Have you forgotten that it 75% complete when the SLP got into Government in 2011. Have you forgotten that the SLP could not complete it in 5 years with $100,000,000.00 spent? WOW! Now we are building a brand new one in half the time and about the same budget that the SLP spent and could not complete the unfinished one.

      • …..and that make sense to you we building a “NEW ONE” when all they had to do was finish what was started ? Oh not to mention the one million wasted by GUY to investigate. When you ready lets talk about Soufriere and Owen King.

      • Truth Being Told you are really part of the 43% preschooler club. Imagine you say that hospital was 75% complete when the SLP got into Government in 2011, spent $100,000,000.00 and did not complete it. Now if it was 75% complete and $100, 000, 000.00 was spent, then why is your leader of the preschool club, PM Chastanet , building a new one? If UWP made it 75% complete and it is not good to the extent that a new one is to be built, , then UWP is responsible for 75% of the “notgoodness” of the project.

  3. so slp burning downall and they want totalk about it .it seems these guy forgot that they was in power three years ago

    • Liars? Have you forgotten ” Opening in September” “Opening in September” “Opening in September” ” Opening in September”? Remember Guy is worth $3 million of your tax money. Is not I say. Kenny said it.

      • It’s a good thing you are only entitled to one ballot paper to put one X.

    • i will be there i will ask him what year that investigation started. i have the facts it start in 2015

  4. Ah shucks! Missed the opportunity to listen to Pip!
    Mr. Slopey Shoulders must have been very interesting (not) to listen to.

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