SLP Labour Day Message

Press Release:-The Political Leader, Executive and members of the Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes the people of Saint Lucia and workers in particular a reflective and fruitful Labour Day.

The SLP wishes to reaffirm its commitment to the well-being and improvement in the quality of life of all the hard working people of Saint Lucia.

On this day, the party remembers it founding father Sir George FL Charles and all the stalwarts’ who pioneered the labour movement. The SLP will continue to strive and advocate for the ideals and aspirations of our founding father and urges all trade union leaders to reflect on the sacrifice and contributions of these stalwarts of the labour movement in Saint Lucia

The SLP pledges that on its return to office, its philosophical position of providing an enabling and progressive environment for the workers of Saint Lucia will be strengthened.


Happy Labour Day to all.

Philip J Pierre,

Political Leader.


  1. Hahahaha………again politics……when you return into office. Really? You were there you did nothing. Man just shut the hell up.

    • What have UWP done for workers in St.Lucia?????… TEAR GAS ONLY….. I took tears from 1970 to 1979 as a CSA member. You need to shut up….. Poor wage conditions in the Roseau and Dennery Villages….. Poor housing conditions for them also….. These are the facts… Eat your heart out… Long live George,John Odlum,Sister Mitchell, Pick Lewis,George Murray,Oleo Jn Baptiste and many more….

  2. no wonder every time they in office we only get wage freeze and 001%. Is that working on the intrest of workers. the biggest increase ever was from the UWP 14.5% the labour party called wrong move.

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