SLP laments more unemployment with RSL closure

The  opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has expressed concern that more than twenty employees of Radio Saint Lucia (RSL) will join thousands of NICE workers  in further swelling the ranks of the unemployed.

“It is regrettable that the government did not find it possible to find a suitable formula to keep RSL open, but could instead use  the hard earned taxes of the people of Saint Lucia to fund a foreign entity, OJO Labs, ” the SLP observed in a statement Monday.

The party said it does not accept the excuse that no suitable solution could be found to keep RSL, a Saint Lucian entity that has served the people of Saint Lucia for decades, open for the benefit of the people of Saint Lucia.

“The SLP calls on the government to rethink its position on the closing of other statutory boards and give first priority to the jobs of the workers of these organisations,” the statement said.


  1. It is regrettable that these “more than 21 workers” did not try to form a company to buy over the assets and preserve their employment. Instead they depend solely on government, the state-owned entity for their livelihood.

  2. @Serious. The workers most likely don’t have the capital to procure the assets of the entity. Every every conceivable effort should be made to prevent the closure of this valuable national asset. In no other OECS territory this has ever happened. For the government to just let go workers and throw them to the mercy of the ailing economy with little prospect of gaining employment, the souls of these Ministers have to be seriously impoverished. The government in my honest opinion has shown a depraved indifference to these people’s economic wellbeing. The government’s present policies are leading to social discord, a profound sense of hopelessness and insufferable emotional anguish .

  3. I have business ideas but no funding but only if am getting funding I give up those ideas

  4. Cheap shot SLP. Why must taxpayers continue to fund an entity that was running broke, could not even pay NIS dues and was a safe cushion for political purposes.

    Kenny and Fletcher both recognized it was badly run, losing money and something had to be done but they were afraid to take the bull by the horns. Well that is what the people elected Chas for. To take the necessary decisions even if unpopular.

  5. Don’t y’all get it? There’s no leader in this country all the so call PM do is go away and come back on holiday. The power is in the hands of the people it is time to take back your country from this foreign man.

  6. Again UWP has flexed their muscle on poor old but reliable RSL Compton did it and now the Hurricane. There is hope though . . . One day it will rebound like the Phoenix!

  7. You’ll heart goes out to the employees,you’ll heart should go out to jesus,you cannot never keep a good man down,SLP the political opposer’s hehe.Well why the SLP dont give them jobs,a failure is a failure,stop peeing on the dead man’s grave and tell me its raining.You want be to invest or put monies into a dead entity,where is the rationale be hind this broke broken Radio Station,an so sorry that the SLP little hearts are broken.There is no crypto nite to fix this ,bad management and bobol do it not Allan Chastanet.The UWP must keep dog poop…foe what,ans talking about Sir John,at least he had common sense,good judgment and wisdom.You’ll stick on poop,not waking up,no time soon.And everything is political,not for better ment of the country.Waste is what St.Lucia like,that’s why we broke.11 million dollar bridges,collapse bridge,the opposition need to wipe , before trying to wipe somebody else own.Love to waste monies,close that down,Choops.(Words deleted)

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