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Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am

SLP Leader Promises Probe Into Corruption By Current Government

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in government will launch a probe into corruption under the current administration, party leader Philip J. Pierre has announced.

“We will put an end to this scourge,” he said.

According to the SLP leader, a contract worth $10 million is awarded to a friend of a government minister for $13 million.

He did not elaborate.

“Tonight, with you as my witness I am putting  on notice all these politicians and their collaborators who have stolen monies of the people, when we get into government we will immediately commission a forensic review of all questionable transactions that the UWP government undertook,” Pierre promised.

He said that the SLP will do everything within the law to recover the monies.

“Let me be clear – no minister will be above the law,” the Castries East MP explained, adding that he will not stand for corruption.

Pierre was addressing the open session Sunday afternoon of the conference of delegates of his party at the Jon Odlum Secondary School.

“As Prime Minister of this country I will have a zero tolerance towards corruption,” the SLP leader stated, adding that he will lead by example.

“My promise to you and to the people of Saint Lucia – I will not tolerate corruption at any level,” he declared to applause from the audience.

He described corruption as a plague on Saint Lucia’s political system, being observed almost daily by citizens.

“They are fed up of Pajoah letters and millions of dollars of contracts awarded by direct awards with no formal tender to allow for competition,” Pierre told the audience.

He declared that the United Workers Party (UWP) government uses contracts to reward family and friends.





  1. As an SLP supporter, though I would like to see these men investigated, I am not confident it will happen. All governments, UWP and SLP, say the same thing. “We will investigate this and we will investigate that” however, nothing happens! I would rather nothing be said and just do what you must do and then show results! These types of pronouncements really do not get me excited to vote just because of them!

    • You are just like me. That monoy for investigation..pls repair the roads and school and work to make a better St Lucai.

      • And MONK it is precisely because we have people who think like you that the corruption goes unabated. So politicians can steal as much as possible, “just fix the roads and schools” and forget the corruption. It is the same corruption that’s taking away the resources from the things to make a better St. Lucia. You view is nothing but the view of an accomplice. SMH

  2. Based on the number of corruption convictions of politicians over the decades I would conclude there are zero corrupt politicians here. If there were any by now someone would’ve taken a dose of jail by now.

  3. Pip sounds like trump. Drain the swamp, lock her up, wipe my ass etc etc. Let’s be honest SLP was corrupt since 1997 and UWP came in and did the same. Y’all are just all playing the same game while changing the players involved. Let’s talk about Jufalli and how y’all sold a political position in the country to a foreigner who had never even been here. You want to investigate corruption.. Fine.. start by owning up to your own mistakes as well otherwise ****

  4. All Oppositions says that they are going to investigate the current Government , but when they get into office, they get amnesia on the subject.

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  6. Jesus said to the rulers of his day, “you take after your father the devil, for his is the father of lies” or words to that effect. The devil friends was the first politician in the Universe and he sought to overthrow the just Government of God. Since then, every politician has taken after the father of Lies, every one of them including my so called Christian Politicians. So can they lie, do they lie, will they lie? God says and I paraphrase, “Woe to them which trust in the arm of flesh”. PIP says my Government will not look into Roachamel, will not look into the illicit transfer of the seabed of St. Lucia, all of which is alleged corruption. Why? If you are honest PIP and want to put an end to corruption should you not start at home, clear the air on the stink coming from inside your own house before you go clean the neigbours house? Now Don’t get me wrong, I am all for weeding out corruption, but when men speak with forked tongues we need not only to listen, but we need to discern deception, we need to hear what they are not verbalizing but saying out loud anyway. To say on one hand we will not investigate our friends who are alleged of corruption in office, but say we will investigate corruption of our perceived enemies, is saying, when we do it it is justified, when they do it then it can’t be justified because it is them. That is called hypocrisy, If Kenny and company has nothing to hide, why wail and sight and threaten over an investigation into a matter. If one is innocent and has nothing to fear I would think one would welcome an investigation as it can serve only one purpose for him/her, to exonerate, vindicate and set at nought the allegations. So come again PIP, yes wheel around and come again thous self righeous hyprcrite, or like Jesus would say, ‘Thou whitewash sepulcher”

  7. Very good comments, we need to let these politicians know that we are tired of the same old rhetoric… I hope Wayne Girard is not SPL’s answer to stamping out corrupt politicians….

    If any government is serious about eradicating corruption institute the “POWER OF RECALL”

  8. Thief calling thief thief. The Bois d’orange bridge was given to the highest bidder by SLP despite the experienced CO Williams bid being substantially lower. Anyone wants to guess whose home the furniture imported for the St.jude hospital presently decorates? Corruption thrives on sides of the aisle and we should not be conned into believing that either party will act against it. As an electorate, we like liars and crooked politicians. Let’s examine ourselves.

  9. Pierre. OMG! HYPOCRITE!

      • Does that make it right? When will we as a people stop!! Whether you are a UWP or a Labour supporter, matters not. Right should be right and wrong wrong, and whether it is your party of the other party doing things that are questionable you ought to call them out, otherwise we all lose. Support of a party should never be reason to subdue the intellectual capacity to reason right from wrong, or throw integrity out the door.

  10. I hope you jail your own too . Because that talk is basic politics if you ask me . I will fight corruption i will make sure the people have jobs..i will create opportunities for youth … bla bla bla .

    • who are they trying to kid? the biggest bobolis in SLP is now deputy. talk about corrupt. he did not leave it local, he take it international. we were on all newspaper pages all over the world, because no nation had practiced such brazen acts of dishonesty ever. and now pierre talking 4king sheet. that tells you that Pierre and his gang of thieves need their heads examining,

      • So, if they are that bad and UWP promised to prosecute, why aren’t they doing anything? This “we will investigate this and that” is just political rhetoric and you have bought into it.

  11. stop beating your trap, get the ball rolling then we will see a true and just s.l.p government. If you know the minister who did this please speak out. St. lucians are the ones suffering.

  12. stop beating your trap, get the ball rolling then we will see a true and just s.l.p government. If you know the minister who did this please speak out. St. lucians are the ones suffering. will there ever be an anti corruption system in place.? but who will lead this type of investigation. every body is corrupt so where will we start.

  13. What would the investigation be about? An investigation is based on reliable information of wrong doing. Embarking on an investigation just because of a feeling is wholly improper. The proper name for investigating a political opponent whithout any basis is “banana republic politics.” It will also lead to investions of investigations like what is going on with Guy. Would those investigations be about inveatigating investigations like what is going on in the US? Mr. Pierre should be caustioned as to investigating investigations and investigations premised on gut feelings as it will do more harm to our country and stagnate progress. Why don’t Mr. Pierre investigate the Grynberg Affair, because as it stands there is a real chance that it will have an impact on the island.

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