Thursday, September 29, 2022

SLP Leader Supports Elections Before Constitutional Deadline

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Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, Philip J. Pierre says his party supports having elections before the constitutional deadline.

And he outlined several reasons for that position on Thursday during the ‘Morning Heat’ on Blazin FM.

He said they include dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic and the issues facing Saint Lucia.

“I think the people are expecting elections,” Pierre asserted.

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As a result, he expressed the view that keeping the country in election mode for ‘so long’ is bad for Saint Lucia.

“We believe that within the five years, elections should have been called already,” Pierre stated.

June 6 will mark five years since Saint Lucians last went to the polls.

And the SLP leader explained that normally, there would have been elections already.

But he indicated that according to the constitution, elections are due 90 days after the first sitting of parliament.

In this regard, Pierre recalled that the first sitting of parliament was on July 12, although Saint Lucians voted on June 6.

Therefore, he explained that constitutionally elections can be called 90 days after July 12.

Nevertheless, he said that’s not the custom.

“The custom is that elections are held within the five year period,” he stated.

Pierre recalled that the United Workers Party (UWP) which is now in government, had promised a fixed election date.

Currently, the Prime Minister decides when the country goes to the polls.

However, in addressing the fixed date issue Pierre said such policy decisions must be discussed with the people.

He explained that fixed election dates would involve changing the constitution.

However the SLP leader noted that the current constitution is very difficult to change.

“What must happen is that we must have proper consultation with the people when we want to change the constitution,” Pierre said.

He said he believes the matter of fixed election dates is something the SLP will put to the people to decide.

Nevertheless, Pierre expressed support for the idea.

“We believe that fixed election dates would be the best thing,” he declared.

Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre as he appeared Wednesday on ‘Morning Heat’





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