Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLP Leader To Be Arrested For Taking Part In BLM Rally?

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The leader of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has told reporters here he understands that he will be arrested for taking part in Friday’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally.

The event was held in Constitution Park, Castries.

But Saint Lucia police had denied permission for the activity to be held.

SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre made the following statement to a news conference Monday morning, following an earlier statement by the party’s Chairman, Moses Jn Baptiste:

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What I will add to the Chairman’s statement is simply this. We the people of this country must put a stop to the injustice and creeping dictatorship of this government. When a Government is intent on being unjust to its people, then the people have a right to disobey its unjust policies. Of course, the ultimate act of disobedience by the people will be the removal of the Government through the ballot box when, in our case in St. Lucia, elections are called sometime during the next fourteen months.

That is why I participated in the Black Lives Matter Rally on Friday morning, for which I now understand that I am to be arrested. There was no reason why permission could not have been given for the rally, once there had been consultation on how the COVID 19 protocols would have been observed. In any event the Prime Minister himself had already openly flouted the regulations of the State of Emergency through his canvassing in various communities the week before where he did not wear a mask and did not observe social distancing in the crowds with whom he mingled. So he cannot break the laws and expect other citizens to observe them. This is not leadership. It is dictatorship

One of the priorities of the Saint Lucia Labour Party when it forms the next government will be to review, with the aim of correcting and/or repealing, all laws on our books which facilitate Government pursuing actions and policies that violate the democratic rights of the citizens of this country. 

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