Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLP Leader Urges Improved Governance In Independence Message

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The leader of the opposition has cited the need for better governance in an address to mark this country’s 42nd independence anniversary.

Philip J. Pierre asserted that far too many structures and conventions required to support the key institutions of democracy have been compromised, abused, and in some cases are just absent, even when the constitution calls for their presence.

“We must correct these deficiencies if we are to build an independent country where the people can trust their leaders and have an expectation that they – the people, will be treated fairly and justly,” he asserted.

Pierre said parliamentarians must do more to earn the respect and trust of the people.

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He indicated they they can achieve this by being more accountable, transparent and caring.

According to the opposition leader, it’s only then that mutual trust and respect can develop.

By the same token, he declared that elected opposition MPs should not be sidelined.

He also said they should not be denied access to state resources in meeting their responsibility to the people who elected them.

“We cannot build a truly independent nation by trampling on the democratic rights of the people who expect fair and proper representation,” the Castries East MP observed.

And Pierre called for open, transparent government that  would give greater meaning to this country’s independence.

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