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Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am

SLP Plans To Complete Election Slate By Early 2020

Saint Lucia Labour Party leader Philip J. Pierre has announced plans to complete the election slate of the party by early 2020.

“I have a practical and ambitious plan to have all seventeen candidates including  women and young people by early next year,” he told Sunday’s open session of his party’s conference of delegates.

He declared that in labour’s move to victory it needs passionate, honest, disciplined, hardworking and dedicated individuals to represent the party at the next elections.

In this regard he presented to the gathering a man he described as one of the SLP’s outstanding candidates, Wayne Girard.

Girard will represent the SLP in the Anse La Raye-Canaries constituency at the next elections.

He will come up against incumbent MP, Dominic Fedee, who is Saint Lucia’s Minister of Tourism.

Pierre told the SLP conference that the new labour candidate embodies the future of the party.

He explained that Girard was born in Jacmel, grew up among the people and never lost touch with them while always contributing to worthy causes in the community.

“He is young, handsome, qualified, tall and disciplined,” the SLP leader asserted.

He stated that more importantly, Girard loves people.

Pierre urged the people of Anse La Raye-Canaries to embrace the new SLP candidate as the new representative for the constituency.

He stated that he has full confidence in Girard.

“I offer and present him to the people of labour, Anse la Raye and Saint Lucia,” he announced as Girard joined him on the stage at the Jon Odlum Secondary School amid applause from SLP supporters.

According to the SLP’s official website, the party’s conference of delegates will continue on Sunday, October 20 with the closed session at the same venue, where internal party business will be dealt with.


    • are you saying we shouldn’t vote for guys like julian hunt and Christopher hunte because these guys are more than ugly

  1. “He is young, handsome, qualified, tall and disciplined,” the SLP leader asserted. REALLY? This is the best Pierre could do? Qualified in what? Does he have any history or experience in community service? How does he handle difficult situations? What would be his strategy to determine how constituents are assisted. These are some of the things Pierre could have presented about the candidate. Not the nonesense about he is young, handsome and tall…we’re not looking for eligible bachelors. We need people to represent us in parliament and do the work of government.

  2. As if you pip nice ou LED KWAPO.
    Trying and throw jabs at Dominic.
    you’ll will still lose.
    As for you don’t count on you being the leader come election day.
    #Blindside see sheliar 2nd the boss coming back as planned. #weypochou

  3. That’s why I will always say Pierre is a BIG JACKBASS. Shate alone the man does open his mouth to talk. If you want to take swipes at Dominic fine do it on your facebook page or something but not at preseting your candidate because it make the voters look stupid by saying all you have to do is send up a handsome and tall man and they’ll vote for him and also makes you look like an oass by not being in touch with what the voters are really looking for in a candidate. Pierre get intouch with reality please and wisen up before you cause more damage to your party. That’s the best you can do? I leave you for Nonest Hiliare.

  4. The boy already look like he goes through the backdoor while pretending he straight. this is a fella that will be just like the hilaire recruits and prone to blatant dishonesty like most in the SLP too . they dont even start the race yet, SLP already lose big time.

  5. Mr. Pierre, I am an SLP supporter to the core. However I have my concerns as to whether we did our due diligence on Mr. Girard. There are a lot of skeletons in his closet. Please carry out your investigations! We need to win this seat.

  6. Sorry Pierre you have the wrong Girard. That description more closely suits Sharri Girard NOT Wayne!
    Says Pierre, “He explained that Girard was born in Jacmel, grew up among the people and never lost touch with them while always contributing to worthy causes in the community.”

    • Its one family and I know them well. Wayne is the one thats running so its wayne that will get my vote. Amen

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