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Updated on July 3, 2020 9:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 9:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 9:43 am

SLP: PM embarrassed Caribbean people during UK interview

The  opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), has blasted Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, asserting that he embarrassed Saint Lucia and other Caribbean nationals during a television interview with Channel Four in the UK.

According to an SLP  statement Tuesday, during the interview, Chastanet announced that he had no idea how many Saint Lucians were living in the UK and how many were affected by the Windrush discrimination.

The SLP said the PM had not even known there was an issue affecting Saint Lucians and other Caribbean nationals until a couple of weeks ago.

“The SLP believes that the Prime Minister should always ensure that he is properly briefed on what he speaks about so as to not embarrass Saint Lucia,” the opposition party declared.

It asserted that it raises questions on the work that High Commissioner, Guy Mayers, is doing in London.

The SLP said it is aware that the Windrush generation issue has been an ongoing concern since the passage of the 2013 Immigration Act in the UK.

“There are presently many Saint Lucians and descendants of Saint Lucians who are affected,” the party explained.

It said it was shocked that the Prime Minister described the situation as just an administrative cock-up and not the fault of the UK Home Office.

The truth, according to the SLP, is that there was a deliberate policy to deport persons who were thought to arrive illegally in the UK and no exception was made for the Windrush generation.

“When cases began to surface, nothing was done to correct the situation and the policy was actually intensified. The situation only became a national concern because of the extensive media coverage,” the SLP release noted.

The SLP said that Saint Lucians and other Caribbean nationals living in the UK are particularly “hurt” by the comments made by the Prime Minister.

However,  the party welcomed the announcement by the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, that the Windrush generation and descendants will be granted British citizenship.

“It was further announced yesterday that the Home Office will waive citizenship fees for the Windrush generation and their families and any charges for returning to the UK for those who had retired to their countries of origin after making their lives in the UK. Most importantly, the UK Government agreed to scrap language and British knowledge tests when applying for UK citizenship and bring in speedy financial compensation for those who had suffered loss,” the SLP observed.



  1. Its sad that the only reason that SOB is in power is that the SLP let another SOB so called leader, lead them into the pit of defeat. You’ll missed up badly SLP and St.Lucia is paying for it!

  2. Is there anything wrong in not knowing how many St Lucians lives in another country. He is there for only 2 years now and he has not spent that 2 years in the UK only. You SLP guys are so ridiculous

  3. Reading this a second time I think it is a load of crap. Send Hiliare to the UK. Didn’t these so called Hurt ST Lucian and Caribbean people say anything about Jufalli who apparently bribed St Lucia by using our patrimony in defense of his divorce?

  4. omg. i was expecting that the opposition would give a number as to how many persons are affected seeing that they said that the current prime minister does not know or have any idea and has embarrass st Lucia and the Caribbean. Quoting from the direct speech in the article-The SLP said it is aware that the Windrush generation issue has been an ongoing concern since the passage of the 2013 Immigration Act in the UK.

    “There are presently many Saint Lucians and descendants of Saint Lucians who are affected,” the party explained.

    Saying there are many also means that the SLP does not have the numbers either. smh

  5. As a Lucian living in the UK, I was ashamed to hear the islands Primeminister defend an obvious racist act perpetuated against the so called Windrush generation by the British Government.

    The broadcaster Chanel 4 was most astute in getting a White Primeminister of a carribbean Island to discuss the subject of racism (irony or what )

    I have very little sympathy for Lucians crying about Chasnet, just as I have none for the yanks bawling about Trump… You all voted them in.

    Next time Lucians vote for a leader that looks like you .

    No more ‘ bechae ‘ from either party.


    • Hank – what a ridiculous comment to make. You ‘ve showed your in ability to read and understand what you read.

      The statement wasn’t about knowing how many illegal St Lucians are in the UK.

      Not even the UK Immigration can quote a number.

  7. SLP has truly lost its way. even Richard frederick they have on their side. sad days and years ahead SLP, sad day

  8. “No more ‘ bechae ‘ from either party.” – Now this is ironic from a comment that seems to question the Prime Minister’s aptitude to speak on what may have been a racist act, simply because of his ethnicity and/or complexion. Garry, please tell me you had your tongue in your cheek when you typed this.

    (Now, it is my personal opinion that Mr Chastanet is ‘Prime Ministerially’ unfit to speak on many topics, but surely that lack originates from somewhere deeper than his skin colour?)

    Going back to the post, the SLP statement chides Mr Chastanet because “he had no idea how many Saint Lucians were living in the UK and how many were affected by the Windrush discrimination.” but goes on to tell us that “There are presently many Saint Lucians and descendants of Saint Lucians who are affected,” So, how many is “many”? Meh. I’m with the general consensus that this is a ridiculous press statement.

  9. Mr Not Too Bright should stay away from smart, probing reporters, especially when he is clueless about the topic. Chastenet was an embarrassment and I am pretty certain that the first he had heard of the Windrush issue was when the reporter mentioned it; for that matter the man is out of touch with any issue regarding this country. This is institutional racism of the highest level and our idiot P.M says that this is a matter of prejudice? The Windrush generation are those who migrated to the U.K between 1948 and 1973 or thereabouts. How did this become our problem? At that time St. Lucia was a British Colony and just like those from Monsterrat and Anguilla today, who are still British Oversea Territories, these people were British Citizens then and entitled to be there. This clueless idiot should have been more prepared and if he knew he was not, should not have been too hasty to speak about something which he has absolutely no clue about. The one thing that Allen Chastenet is consistent in is being an embarrassment to this county…oh actually 2 things…he is a consistent LIAR too

    • SLP don’t even no how many lucians leave in the uk give the man a break y’all jackass I know that for a fact I work for home office an we don’t even have an exact number

  10. Pierre and Hilaire should provide the number of St. Lucians presently living in the UK. SLP are drowned men trying to catch at a straw. Two years and they can’t accept defeat at the hands of the same man that they are trying so desperately to undermine. What is the embarrassment in the PM speaking the truth that he doesn’t know the number of St. Lucians in the UK. Does Pierre or Kenny know the exact number? SLP should stop trying to gain political mileage through cheap, childish politics. Didn’t Kenny embarrass St. Lucians with Jufalli and Grynburg – The list can go on.

  11. Now I see really and truly who was in the 43% . Lol he was actually referring to his hacks.omg his followers is as retarded as he is. Smh

  12. estimated at 137,000 by the Office for National Statistics, making them the 16th-largest foreign-born group. The Jamaican High Commission estimates that there are around 800,000 British people of Jamaican origin in the UK.So I would say St Lucia is is around 25000 to 70000

  13. I only know of one person, the son of an immigrant from Jamaca, he has never had a problem either returning to his homeland or coming back. So as a humble ordinary working bloke, I do not understand how suddenly there appears to be thousands of the Windrush generation who cannot get a passport, can no longer get free health on the NHS, and have lost large amounts of money in fighting to get this put right. Seems to me, with the backing of the Labour Party, they see an easy way of cashing in on The presumed embarrassment of a Tory government, and hope they are among the lucky ones able to make a case out of nothing. Just a bit more the poor old working man is going to pay for. The government has NO money, only that it takes from those paying taxes.

  14. Give Jack his jacket when its due! But SLP somebody dropped the ball with this press release.

    You’re trying to embarrassed our “Not too bright PM” and maybe rightfully so.

    However in doing so you’ve actually turn the tables by not being able to quote a figure yourselves.

    I was reading and intrigued to know what figure you’ll had but was wholly disappointed the figure you quoted was ” There are presently MANY Saint Lucians and descendants of Saint Lucians who are affected,”

    Come on folks it looks like all you POLITICIANS are an embarrassment to us all.

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