Thursday, November 21, 2019

SLP Prepares To Deliver No Confidence Motion

The Saint Lucia Labour Party will tomorrow November 20th 2018, before the commencement of Parliament, deliver to the Clerk of Parliament a copy of the no confidence motion in the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the party has announced.

“It is expected that the motion will outline the reasons why the public of Saint Lucia should have no confidence in the Prime Minister’s management of the country and call for his immediate resignation,” an SLP statement said Monday.

In September,  SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre told reporters that for the motion to succeed, nine MPs must support it.

The current configuration in the House of Assembly is 11 ruling party members to the opposition’s 6.

“All six of us will be voting for the motion,” the SLP leader said of opposition MPs.

“We will leave each minister to his conscience,” he had explained in reference to members on the government side of the house.

When news of the intended no confidence motion was first announced, the ruling United Workers Party scoffed at the idea describing it as ludicrous and without merit.

“This threat of a vote of no confidence is merely political posturing by the SLP and will be embarrassingly defeated whenever it is submitted,” the ruling party said in a statement.

Philip J. Pierre  himself recently received an overwhelming vote of confidence to remain as political leader at the SLP’s Annual Conference of Delegates held on Sunday, October 21, 2018, at the Fond St Jacques Primary School.

He received 273 votes in his favour and a mere 3 votes against.

Pierre’s leadership went uncontested.


  1. It is wrong to bring all these Chinese people in the island of St Lucia by taking their monies to working in St Lucia instead of giving the work to the natives òf the country. When òne takes monies from other peopĺe it has to be paìđ back how is the monies going to break paid back. All countries should use their own finances in their own countries to help their own people and countries.

  2. Will the PM use his clout to stop the Speaker of the House from presenting the Mition to the House?

    Win or lose, this Motion will place ALL the UWP Representatives on notice in the eyes of the public.
    Are they all supportive of the rape of Saint Lucia by Allan Chastanet and Guy Joseph OR will they go along as long as their pockets are being filled?

  3. Pierre and the labour Party a bunch of sour losers where will you get with that
    Pierre take time to see about your people in Marchand and it environs
    Marchand is a dump and you created it
    All those senseless killings you created the monster
    I am happy I left that area at the right time and to go there no mire

  4. I want to move a vote of no confidence in the slp running this country again. I voted them twice before and they were complete failures.

  5. slp will always be a better party than uwp, allen is giving away our country, allen is clueless, everything he touches he destroys, allen has no track record. allen and uwp must go. don’t blame PJP for crime, allen is there, he should stop it not PJP, that is what allen promised. all of you in here who support uwp, come out and say so. I assure you there will be a price to pay for the wickedness of this uwp on the backs of the poor.

  6. I don’t have no confidence in Pierre as slp leader….u build a police station…yet still we hotel workers still gettin rob at gun point in Marchand..police don’t patrol Marchand at all..far less.

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