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Updated on July 14, 2020 11:58 am
Updated on July 14, 2020 11:58 am
Updated on July 14, 2020 11:58 am

SLP Questions Money Management At CCC

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has called into question the management of the finances of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC).

Addressing a Town Hall meeting of the SLP Tuesday evening, Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire asserted that when labour lost the elections in June 2016 there was over $6 million in savings in the banks of Saint Lucia.

“There were Comrades who said that was a failing because you should be using that money and spending it on the people and the constituency and not saving it,” he told Tuesday’s SLP gathering.

However Hilaire explained that the leadership that was entrusted with managing the  CCC wanted it to be a sustainable organization and ensure it can raise its own money and do what it had to do.

“There were shares in LUCELEC. Things have got so bad  that the CCC has had to sell shares that it had in LUCELEC and that money, from what I am told, is all spent already,” the opposition MP asserted.

He said there was a time under the SLP when the CCC was one of the best managed institutions in Saint Lucia.

According to Hilaire, when the SLP won the 2011 elections it corrected a lot of wrongdoing that was going on between 2006 and 2011.

“There was a time when a certain minister was walking around with a cheque book and issuing cheques – giving contracts. There was a lot happening. Under the SLP the CCC was put on a direct footing,” he stated.

The Castries South MP expressed the view that the CCC has moved from being one of the best managed and organised  institutions with integrity, to what it has become now.

He told the SLP Town Hall meeting audience that a lot is said about Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph.

But Hilaire was of the view that Castries Mayor Peterson Francis is no different.

The Castries South MP accused Francis of having no regard for rules and procedures.

He said that the conduct and the  management of the CCC is something that will have to be subjected to scrutiny by the SLP.


  1. I feel that when those management people are found out that their pension scheme should be confiscated used to pay back the shortfall

  2. Yawwwn I not the least bit surprise not the least bit when it comes to the peoples monies and the boy’s in yellow. When money is missing always question it no matter who is in power that’s the peoples monies and we demanding.answers With that G.U.Y. around forget about it that blasted Mayor with all his rampage I am betting is part of t but nevertheless you are going to see the comrades. Chiming in with there stuttering motto “bubbububub but when you were in power” they are not going to question it because anyone or every one in yellow has wings on their backs instead they are going to DEFEND IT at all cost litterly never asking for transperacy and accountability those words are like lightning bolt from hell upon them.

  3. The truth is we da people can’t do shitttt. Politicians are the boss they can do what they want with our money.we cannot do nada.

    • Telll him that….He knows every thief…Birds of …flock together.. .This man is hungry for the dough….There will be many on the bouboulist.

  4. Hegas! Another war is brewing between Layba and UWPEE.
    I know this is not going to be unanswered. Ring the bell…Jerry!Jerry!Jerry!

  5. I am of the persuasion that independent auditors were called in to audit the affairs of the CCC or the Government for Monsieur Hilaire to make such a claim. Extraodinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I welcome Monsieur Hilaire’s furore into the use of public funds but he must present the evidence to those who are not privy to the books of the CCC and that evidence must be back by independent auditors not seeking to hide the Government’s management of public funds but have an interest in transparency. Otherwise, your ramblings Monsieur, will only sound like a desperate attempt to hoodwink the people of Saint Lucia so that you can score political points. In the meantime Monsieur Primiere Ministre, onward with the transformation Castries and the rest of Saint Lucia.

    My question to you Monsieur Ernest, are these:

    – Where are the auditors incontestable and impartial evidence to the claims you make?
    – Can the independent auditors themselves make a public/televised declaration of their findings?
    – Can you please make these evidence public since it is in the interest of Public and let us decide?
    – Be Honest Ernest, what is your political motivation?

  6. Well it look like this fella convinced his government to go with passport for sale desperately hoping for a big cut of all that come out of it. now his party is kicked out of power, the money have mate going mad. expect those shenanigans folks. when you do under-handed dirty tricks, it always come back to bite u in the ahse! this is a guy who up to now, we know nothing about what jufalli money do for him.

  7. Mr Hilaire, aint you got nothing more positive to do?
    How about getting your rubber boots on and go clear some drains?

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