Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLP Renews Criticism Over Chastanet’s ‘Failed’ COVID-19 Response

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Press Release:- The Saint Lucia Labour Party is appalled that in his address to the nation last evening, the Prime Minister failed to announce any new policy that would have any significant impact on the grave COVID-19 crisis that is currently sweeping Saint Lucia.

There was no embracing of the critical elements of the seven point COVID-19 Rescue Plan which was proposed by the Leader of the Opposition and Political Leader of this party, the Hon. Philip J .Pierre last the Thursday 28th January 2021.

There was no attempt by the Prime Minister to change course from policies that are not working and that have led to the health and economic crisis in which we find ourselves.

Instead, there is still a resistance to follow the science that is telling us what to do with regard to mitigating COVID-19.

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There is still a refusal to acknowledge that stiffer measures need to be applied to the major source and risk of the entry of the virus into Saint Lucia – International

There is still a refusal to reduce the time period of 7 days to 1 – 3 days for international
travellers to obtain a PCR test prior to coming to Saint Lucia as is the practice of most countries.

There is still a stubborn refusal to apply a second COVID-19 test to tourists after their arrival in Saint Lucia – a measure which has been proven to be highly successful in other countries which are controlling COVID-19.

There is still the attitude of blaming the people for the waves of the virus as we heard from the newly discovered Minister of Health last evening when she accused the citizens of the country of dropping the ball with regard to this current wave of the virus.

The Government continues to wash its hands of anything which has gone wrong with its COVID-19 response and to hide the truth of its actions.

The Prime Minister’s approach is still driven by misplaced political and economic priorities
and not by the real needs of Saint Lucians at this time.

Where were the measures in his address for social and economic relief for the people which the Leader of the Opposition proposed last week and which the people so desperately need?

The Prime Minister’s statement offered no empathy, no hope, no inspiration, just
disappointment and despair.

It offered every reason why the Prime Minister and his Government must be removed from office.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party stands firm in its belief that the seven point COVID-19 rescue plan presented by our Political Leader, Hon. Philip J Pierre, will lead to an alleviation of the crisis.

We will therefore continue to urge the government to consider and adopt the plan as we are prepared to work with the Government for the safety and well-being of all.

We do not seek political upstaging but we must be our brother’s keeper in this crisis.

We do not proclaim to have all the answers but we stand ready to navigate Saint Lucia out of this storm.

We wish once again to implore everyone to observe the protocols for fighting this virus – wash your hands frequently, wear your masks and practice physical distancing.

Headline photo caption: Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

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