SLP requests details of race track

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the Government to reveal details of the race track to be built as part of the DSH Project. The Labour Party notes that the Government had said the Agreements signed were only framework agreements and a detailed agreement would be signed later. Noting that the government has now changed its position and construction of the race track is final; it is the duty of the Government to release the details as promised.

Specifically, the Labour Party wishes to know the following:

1. Will the land for the race track be leased for $1 per acre for 99 years?

2. Has an environmental impact assessment been completed and accepted by Government?

3. Has the race track received Planning (DCA) approval?

4. Will the escrow account still be established in a foreign country?

5. Will the proceeds from the sale of Saint Lucian passports be used to fund horse racing and pay for the operations of the race track?

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the government to clarify these issues of public concern.


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