Saturday, December 14, 2019

SLP Responds to Joint Statement by Invest Saint Lucia and the Citizenship By Investment Unit

PRESS RELEASE:-The Saint Lucia Labour Party has noted the joint response issued by Invest Saint Lucia and the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) and calls on the agencies not to allow themselves to be used by the UWP to mislead the people of Saint Lucia. The DSH is a major project that will have significant consequences for Saint Lucia today and in the future should it fail.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes that it took the Government one week to respond to the news that the submission made by DSH was not approved by either Invest Saint Lucia or CIP and that the Prime Minister was so informed. Further, rather than present the joint statement in a press conference where the press can question the Chairpersons of Invest Saint Lucia and CIP, the response was issued by a Press Release.

The UWP wants to engage in spin and semantics over whether it was “not rejected” rather than accept that “it was not approved.” The SLP stands by its statement that the professional staff at Invest Saint Lucia and CIP charged with the responsibility to review the DSH submission DID NOT approve the submission, DID NOT make a recommendation to accept the DSH proposal and the Prime Minister was so informed. No amount of behind the scenes arm-twisting over the last seven days will change that fact.

The non-approval of the DSH plans gives validation to the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s position that in its current form this is a bad deal for Saint Lucia. We are hopeful that instead of denials the government comes to its senses and renegotiates.

The SLP also noted that the agencies are continuing to discuss with Mr. Ah-King aspects of the project and trusts that his next submission will address all the concerns expressed by concerned citizens of Saint Lucia.


  1. The SLP will be so ashamed if this project came to reality becomes a Kenny as P M never do for vieux fort shame shame shame (Words deleted)

  2. SLP can you please provide a press release on why you’re suddenly so active every single day but when you were in power no one heard from their reps.

    Or why Vieux Fort was so overlooked

    Or what happened with jufali and all the things he was supposed to give in exchange for the position you gave him secretly.

    Hell for that matter provide A statement on Donald trump’s taxes. Any of the above would be more useful or appreciated than the spam you keep flooding us with

  3. Messy goverment
    Messy oppsition
    Messy country
    Natioals start working to clean
    Up this helen of the w.i .
    Demand answers
    Lucian are the most educated ppl in the
    World dont let us feel like we dumb now is
    Time to stand up for your belief ..

  4. Put all of em politicians in a boat n cast them off at sea….dem man not working….they are getting their pockets fat While we deh struggling n being used by them…I say kill em all

  5. Mr pierre i realize that u’ve just learnt of the term semantics and doesn’t know when or where to use the term,so I will humor u this time and not embarras u.I think the population of St Lucia have had enough of ur semantics for one life time,enough said on one Moran!

  6. Me to am fed up with them , Kenny alone and his evil pant Perry that causeing pb in the country, when they had the shoes on,they talk difrent walk,difrent and act difrent because they was in power, now they are out of power the shoes is off they feet they want to walk with u, talk to u,even eat with u cause they need us now, say no to them cause in the Nex 5 years they will do the same to us again, Kenny give someone else a chanc not u again

  7. My my what’s wrong with those guys .All of a sudden ppl hearing you all when those guys were in government not a word, not a word, not a word now as always doing much better in opposition and that’s were u all will stay 4 a very long time .

  8. SLP are soon going to make themselves irrelevant and a laughing stock. They are now coming across as spoiled children and sore losers. They will only participate in St. Lucia ‘s well being if they are in government.

    Simple advice to anyone in a contest. Hope to win but prepare for a loss. Evidently their self claimed right to govern St. Lucia forever has not prepared them for the fact that a party wins an election at the will of the people. Is 11-6 that has them psychologically distraught.

    Their three top men Kenny, Pip and Ernest hustled to win their seats. Ernest by the threads of his underpants.
    Compare UWP’s top Chastanet, Ezeikel, Rigobert, Guy and the masters King and Spider wining with flying colours.

  9. The new trend by the Chinese is to exploit the Caribbean. They are currently doing the same thing in Africa. They will not employ St.Lucians, they will bring in their own and try to take over St. Lucia, and eventually buy up the lands. That is their goal/mission. They don’t love Caribbean people, they love the money. A lot of the scams in countries around the world are conducted by them since they are very good in technology.

    Beware!! Wake up St. Lucians. This is a bad deal. No Caribbean islands sells their land for $1.00 or give developers 99 year lease.

    Google what is going on in Africa and how they are eager to help because of the natural resources like diamond, oil, etc in some poor African countries.

    • How about you provide the links for your research. Otherwise hush with your fake news spreading (Word deleted)

  10. When politicians on both sides lie continously in the house and to the media isn’t that FAKE NEWS?

  11. So true. The media need to do more investigative reporting rather the gossip reporting. The news that is reported is the some news that is heard on the street. No substance.

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