Thursday, October 6, 2022

SLP Says Back To School Amid COVID-19 Spike ‘Poor Timing’

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The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is concerned that the authorities have reopened schools amid a spike in COVID-19.

As a result,  the opposition party described the move as  ‘incredibly poor timing.’

The SLP observed that schools reopened on January 11 under a number of conditions.

According to the opposition, they included an increase in travel during the winter season.

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And the SLP also mentioned a new variant of COVID-19 in the UK.

The UK is a major tourism market for Saint Lucia, the party noted on its official Facebook page.

In addition, the SLP observed that there was more movement during the holiday season.

“Yes, we believe that children should be in school,” the Facebook post asserted.

But the SLP declared that it should not happen during a COVID-19 spike.

The opposition group recalled that the spike was already occurring when the authorities made the announcement for the new school term.

“There should have been a delay in the reopening of schools,” the SLP asserted.

The opposition party said the delay should have been implemented because of a number of factors that have been discovered.

Among the factors the opposition cited were insufficient support to schools to properly address the health and safety needs of teachers and students, as well as a lack of consultation with teachers.

The party said a labour administration in office would have used money the government has borrowed to among other things, reinstate the laptop programme, provide health aid to every school and expand the school feeding programme.

“This government has handled this COVID-19 pandemic disastrously,” the SLP declared.

And the party accused the Allen Chastanet administration of failing to put the health and well-being of the people first and foremost.

It said that removing the government is the immediate solution.


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