Wednesday, August 17, 2022

SLP Says Crime Has ‘Skyrocketed’ Under Hermangild Francis

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party,has described National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis  as uncreative and uncaring.

In a commentary on its official Facebook page, the SLP said that crime has ‘skyrocketed’ under his watch.

The post last week quoted Francis as saying after the country recorded its seventh murder,  that he can only assist the police to do what they have to do.

“The Minister can only assist the police to do what they have to do. I get some information sometimes… I pass it along,” the SLP commentary recalled Francis saying in an interview.

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Saint Lucia has since recorded an eighth  homicide.

However, the SLP asserted that the Minister can do much, much more than simply pass information along to the police.

And it listed a number of measures the Minister could take against crime.

The opposition party expressed the view that if he wants to, he can increase the police budget.

It also said Francis can put more police officers on the street.

And among other things, it declared that the Minister can pass tougher laws to hold criminals accountable and protect victims.

The SLP declared that he can organise more police training and get guns off the streets with a ‘buy back’ programme.

“These are just a few of the things that the Minister can do to make our communities safer,” it explained.

However, the SLP commentary lamented that “We have an uncreative, uncaring and unelected Minister of National Security.’

“Under his watch, crime has skyrocketed in Saint Lucia and people feel less safe in their homes,” the Facebook post declared.

“This is a pattern under this uncaring UWP government,” the SLP stated.

As a result, the party reiterated its assertion that the ruling party puts their friends, family and foreigners first.

At the same time, the SLP said “The rest of us are struggling to put food on the table.”


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