Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SLP Says Dennery North Event Marred By Known UWP Supporter

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has said that Emancipation Day festivities in Dennery North were marred by the actions of a ‘known’ supporter of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP).

A post on the SLP’s official Facebook page said the man had a knife in his possession.

The Facebook post is reproduced below:

On August 1st, 2020, the observance of Emancipation Day, festivities were marred by the disruption of a known UWP supporter in the constituency of Dennery North.

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The provocation by the flamboyant supporter who had a knife in his possession was uncalled for and could have resulted in the loss of life of a fellow Saint Lucian.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party condemns this behaviour by the perpetrator. We commend the public for exercising great restraint and de-escalting the confrontation; “when they go low, we go high”.

Once again, we call on the UWP to denounce the deplorable behaviour of their supporters and even their MPs.

We recall the treatment of journalist Miguel Fevrier by Minister Guy Joseph and the verbal abuse towards talk show host Tresha Lionel by yet another supporter.

Emancipation Day is a joyous occasion and it was being celebrated throughout the Mabouya Valley by people who though victimised by the the UWP Government, remain jubilant for the development of their constituency under the leadership of Hon. Shawn Edward.
The Saint Lucia Labour Party denounces violence and urges the people of Saint Lucia to channel their anger and frustration to more productive activities. Seek help. Speak to a counselor or a spiritual leader in your community.
We remain an inclusive Party and call for tolerance and peace.

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