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Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm

SLP Says No Decision Made On Gros Islet Candidate

Press Release:– The Gross Islet Constituency Group of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), is pleased with the interest and excitement being generated by persons vying to represent the party at the upcoming General Elections.

Although constitutionally due in 2021, the Labour Party is leaving no stone unturned and is getting election ready, in the event of an early poll. In fact, Political Leader Honourable Philip J. Pierre, has publicly disclosed that he is aiming to have all SLP Candidates in place by March 2020, as the Party prepares Saint Lucians to evict the Allen Chastanet regime from power and restore good governance to our beloved country.

In the Gros Islet Constituency, several quality citizens have indicated interest in being the SLP’s flag bearer at the next elections, and are busy canvassing residents in support of their respective bids. The Management Committee of the Gros Islet Constituency Group welcomes such positive engagement among potential candidates and supporters, and looks forward to further excitement and energy being generated, when the formal selection process begins, with the screening of interested persons. 

The Management Committee assures supporters that the selection of the SLP Candidate for Gros Islet will be done in an orderly, organized and objective manner, and with the participation of the Gros Islet Management Committee, in accordance with the Party’s candidate selection procedures.

We also assure constituents of Gros Islet, that to date, NO decision has been made by the Hierarchy of the Party regarding selection of an SLP Candidate for Gros Islet, for the next General Elections. Therefore, any talks or statements of any kind indicating that a candidate has been chosen  by the Party, are definitely false and these rumours should be repelled and dismissed as malicious attempts to brew doubt and discord among supporters.

We urge all supporters and residents of Gros Islet to remain vigilant as we await the full roll out of the selection process, from which the most suitable SLP candidate for Gros Islet will eventually emerge.         



  1. I must take this opportunity to mention that I am not a politician nor a wannabe, neither am I affiliated to any local party as some may have thought, but I have been:

    * a voice for the voiceless
    * advocate for the sufferation (my own word) of the downtrodden

    I have been receiving political news from foreign countries lately, but I have no interest in dirty politics and will continue to fight for the poor. The late Botham Jean had the desire to become St. Lucia’s PM, but I have no desire to be. However, I do enjoy making people laugh and I will continue to do so in these tough and stressful times that we are living in.

  2. Rosie Fregis needs to be exiled from that Gros Islet constituency if any good is to come next elections. She is chasing people away

    • My gosh! That woman is the reason I don’t attend meetings and other events. She constantly sows seeds of contention and division. Too much unnecessary drama with her and hence the reason many stay away. She needs to go. This woman should not be dealing with people. SLP fix it please

    • That woman is a put off for alot of persons. She is not a people person at all. I even might change cause of her smh She have no respect and too savage

  3. That woman is a put off for alot of persons. She is not a people person at all. I even might change cause of her smh She have no respect and too savage

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