Friday, September 30, 2022

SLP Says Ruling Party Trying To Blame New COVID-19 Case On Opposition March

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has accused the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) of trying to blame the country’s latest COVID-19 case on the recent opposition march in Castries.

The accusation was made in a post on the SLP’s official Facebook page Saturday.

The post is reproduced below:

As was expected the UWP has done exactly what was predicted that they would do, following the successful SLP protest march last Sunday which made them wet their pants .

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They are trying to blame the latest COVID 19 case on the SLP March.

The fact is that the driver of that Minbus was not contracted by any SLP constituency group to transport persons to the march as the UWP is claiming; and since the date range for contact tracing starts on 28th September when exactly did he contract the COVID-19?

No manner of attempted mudslinging at Philip J. Pierre and the SLP will shift the people’s attention and wrath from the Government’s dictatorial and unconstitutional handling of the COVID-19 Bill. Neither will it temper the justifiable anger of the people for the onerous fees placed on returning nationals who have to be quarantined.

Instead of the Government and its surrogates trying to gain political capital out of another unfortunate case of COVID 19, they should be focusing on the real health crisis facing Saint Lucia at this time: DENGUE.

There are more than 500 reported cases of Dengue in Saint Lucia of which at least three persons have died. COVID-19 in Saint Lucia pales in comparison to this; and Dengue cannot be blamed on the Saint Lucia Labour Party. What is the Government doing about it?

What is the Government doing about the lack of medicine at the OKEU hospital? It is believed that the non availability of a common drug at OKEU may have contributed to the death of one of the Dengue patients.

This cannot be blamed on Philip J. Pierre and the SLP. Health Care in Saint Lucia has been in a crisis from the time this UWP administration came into office and stopped the construction of St.Jude’s Hospital, took four years to commission OKEU while negotiating with Health City Cayman to take over its management and now its inability to provide medical supplies for the hospital and adequate community fumigation. This is what is of concern to Saint Lucians today.

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