Tuesday, September 17, 2019

SLP Says Saint Lucians Must Know ‘Where The CIP Money Gone!’

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Press Release:- The Saint Lucia Labour Party denounces the Prime Minister for misleading the Parliament and the People of Saint Lucia on the use of CIP monies.

The Prime Minister during the last Sitting of Parliament attempted to explain that the Budget Estimates for 2019/2020 contains projects which are identified as projects to be funded under the CIP. The SLP maintains that the Prime Minister never mentioned in his Presentation on the Estimates, nor in his Budget Statement, any project to be financed with CIP monies.

However, he has belatedly presented a list of projects which is in the Budget and which he claims satisfies the requirements of the law.

Section 33 Subsection 3 states:

“The Minister for Finance shall lay before Parliament every financial year for its approval the purposes to which the funds will be allocated.”

The SLP rejects this backdoor way of seeking approval for the use of the funds from the CIP. The central issue is not how the PM intends to use monies to be earned from the CIP. This is a separate issue. The central issue is how has the CIP monies collected since 2016 been used by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has to present to Parliament and Saint Lucians, a statement of how much money was collected from the CIP Unit each year and what were the monies used for.

The SLP calls on the Prime Minister to respect accountability and transparency and provide the information. The law requires it and the Parliament and People of Saint Lucia require such information.

We must know where the CIP money gone.

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  1. You are our watch dog, so deal with it! sad to say: i have no party, i only vote for the one i believe that will lead us to prosperity, but they always let me down! from one to the next, believe me you!

  2. I want to know when the grynberg money gone too. 8 million acres of sea bed sold from under our noses. Kenny where are you to answer.

    • Now I know who the prime minister was referring to when he called some people JAs and BDs.

    • With all due respect ” sea bed can not I repeat CAN NOT be sold !! Support the party but find out for your self “exactly ” why GOSL is bibg sued . the court papers filed are available online. When will we learn all them politicians (SLP et UWP) spins things to suit them..and like fools we keep buying the crap..smh

  3. 3 years not one CIP funded project? Just admit you using the money to help with the economy. Unless if it is being used for something not beneficial to all that’s why its a secret

  4. Mash did you really have to let people know of your own stupidity,ignorance and inability to contribute positively? Helena was just asking a question.

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