SLP Slams Mary Isaac For Blaming Opposition March For COVID-19 Spike

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Press Release:-  The Minster of Health and the Government are unashamedly continuing to play politics with the COVID 19 pandemic and with the lives of the people of Saint Lucia.

On Wednesday 3rd March 2021 the Minister of Health, Mary Isaac, in a Newsspin programme once again deliberately continued to spread the fake news, manufactured by the UWP Government, that a protest march by the Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party on 4th October 2020, is responsible for the spike in COVID 19 cases that Saint Lucia has been experiencing from January 2021.

This statement is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the Government to hide its
responsibility for 3426 cases of COVID 19 in the country from January to 1st March 2021 and the Minister of Health’s own incompetence.

The Prime Minister’s continued praise of this lost and inept Minister demonstrates his poor judgment and failure as a leader.

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The Minister of Health does not seem aware that the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) gave
permission for the march and is on record as saying that there is no evidence to link the march to any rise in COVID 19 cases in the country.

The truth is that it is the Government’s relaxing of the COVID 19 Protocols towards the end of December 2020, its refusal to close the borders to the UK in December to forestall the entry of the UK variant into Saint Lucia that has caused the tidal wave of COVID 19 cases since January 2021.

In January, the Health authorities announced that five cases of the UK variant had been detected in Saint Lucia from samples sent to CARPHA in Trinidad in December.

This means that the more contagious and more deadly UK variant has been circulating in Saint Lucia from December 2020.

It is therefore no surprise that there has been a surge in COVID 19 cases in Saint Lucia from then.

Why has the Government been so silent on the presence of the COVID 19 UK variant in Saint Lucia? What is it hiding? We are now hearing that there have been 15 cases discovered in Saint Lucia. Where were they located?

Is it true that the last 10 samples sent to CARPHA for testing all returned positive to bring the number of cases to 15? Were they nationals or non-nationals?

Are there more than 15 cases? How many of the persons who have died from COVID 19 since January carried the UK Variant? What is the truth about the COVID 19 UK variant in the country?

The Minister of Health and the Government will do better by the people of Saint Lucia by
giving the correct answers to these questions, instead of trying to blame their failures on the Opposition with fanciful stories while people are dying.

This Government simply does not care about the people.

Put the people first, not your party or its re-election campaign, Madame Minister of Health.

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