SLP Statement On Candidate Selection Says No Individual Bigger Than The Party

Press Release:-  The Saint Lucia Labour Party is a political party which adheres steadfastly to its principles and in its policies and actions, is strictly guided by these.

In selecting its candidates for general elections, the Saint Lucia Labour Party has in place, a process that has been approved by its membership and which it follows to the letter because the Party is a disciplined organisation.

All those aspiring to be the party’s candidates for general elections are made fully aware of that process, its conditions and regulations and are expected to abide by its outcome.

It is with regret, therefore, that the Saint Lucia Labour Party has observed that, one of the persons who was vying for selection to represent the Party in the constituency of Choiseul at the forthcoming general elections, has in conjunction with others, publicly vented his disappointment with his non-selection.

While the Party understands the disappointment of defeat and is sympathetic toward those not satisfied by the outcome, the Party will not however countenance or tolerate behaviour by any member that may damage the image of the Party.

The leadership of the Party is meeting with its membership in Choiseul to bring closure to this matter.

It is important that we all do not lose sight of what is of paramount interest to the people of Saint Lucia at this time; and that is the removal of the inept and vindictive Allen Chastanet UWP Government from the backs of the Saint Lucian people.

It is imperative that we all unite to accomplish what is now our duty to ourselves and our children.

The SLP wishes to stress that no individual is bigger than the Party and the Party is not bigger than the country.

That is why the SLP in government will always act in the interests of the people and will be responsible in its governance.


    • I am so sick of that business of everything for SLP is about uniting to remove Chastanet. So don’t worry about Pierre being the weakest leader SLP has ever had – Chastanet must go. Don’t worry about Hilaire organizing the removal of Alva – Chastanet must go. Don’t worry about Hilaire looking about replacing Pierre at the soonest – Chastanet must go. Don’t worry labour is at its weakest at a time we have the worst PM ever – Chastanet must go. Never mind the SLP cannot even manage a proper selection of candidates (and Choiseul was not the only place) – Chastanet must go.
      Things really bad because Chastanet but go but Pierre must not come. Looks like we doomed. And if its labour, be prepared for Hilaire to undermine Pierre.

  1. I have not been in my constituency group since 2011, so I don’t know if things have changed but what I remember is a run- off between potential candidates among the deligates of that constituency. I guess Covid has changed that cause we have to maintain social distancing.

  2. Good that the SLP put out such a statement. I am no party supporter, but I found it very ill-advised especially by Mr. Ferguson John a former SLP representative for Choiseul to take this into the public sphere causing a rift among the party and its supporters. I strongly believed that Mr. Ferguson John should have been the arbiter in this situation since he was a former parliamentary rep for the area. To see him at the table alongside Dr. St Rose and a few supporters and accused the executives and other party members of such remarks which I found were insulting and defamatory. A candidate was chosen, why not congratulate and support. The actions displayed by shows that you all are desperate; too risky and will say and do anything to get into power. This type of behaviour is not what I want in a government.

    • Non-Voter, there goes the damn hypocrisy. It is why this country does not progress as it should. This is a party aiming to lead our country and they must be open with all the people. You hypocrite, you remember how we always accuse flambeau of being undemocratic and we vowed to promote “transparency”? Well we have to be transparent in all things. If there is no transparency in the party’s business how can we expect transparency in government. The lack of transparency in the SLP shows that there are people there who are desperate; too risky and will do anything to get power. This type of behaviour is not what St.Lucia needs from the labour party in government. This business of hiding some things must stop. It is why we have Jufalliegate.
      By the way, you damn liar, if you are a non-voter and no party supporter, why take so much interest?
      Well I am a voter and a party supporter and I like the idea that everything is in the open. Very good foundation for open government.

      • I could not have expressed my sentiments better dear. You are too right. The real desperados who want power come rain or shine reside in the SLP. you have individuals there that the party is well aware are very nasty people who have done endless things the last time in power. Hilarious who have endless dirty ways is now deputy. u can fool the people sometime but you cant fool the people all the time.

  3. The Slp Should Distance themselves from these two Fools Fergusson John and Dr .St.Rose .Rather than Congratulating the Lady they have Set up Division Between Slp Supporters in Choiseul and Saltibus .That’s ignorant Behaviour

    • Sadam, the people should distance themselves from the SLP for not being able to carry out a proper candidate selection. The voice note from the lady’s husband was all around from early in the year that Hilaire and Leo Clarke had promised the lady the candidacy while the process was still on. So check out the party’s ignorant behaviour.

  4. That SLP click need to go….that self serving executive needs to go. The Leo Clarke cabal needs to go…new blood is needed because this is about who will submit and vote for certain persons to be in leadership positions …the greed is already evident. SLP DECLARE YOUR EXECUTIVE …DECLARE THE DECISION. MAKERS

  5. You really choose what you want to post cause I noticed that I have posted that the selected candidate husband had a voice note promising what he would do to people after his wife becomes Parliamentary Rep and you refuse to publish it.

    • saltbus will bury this candidacy for sure. they are already core uwps at heart. dont think she will resonate with choiseul. SLp has yet to realise that the politricks of yesterday not working on lucians anymore. if at that stage he already want to victimise imagine what he and the wife will do if she ever get into office. the young are not fooled anymore.

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