Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SLP Supporters Demand: ‘Chastanet, Ring The Bell!’

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Supporters of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) demanded Sunday that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet call elections.

“Chastanet, ring the bell,” they chanted at an opposition organised march and rally.

SLP leader Philip J. Pierre thanked those in attendance for enduring the sun and the rain.

He asserted that a new politics is needed in Saint Lucia.

Photo courtesy SLP Facebook page
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“That new politics must involve dialogue and consultation,” Pierre told his audience.

He explained that an SLP administration will never behave like the government of the  United Workers Party (UWP).

Pierre said an SLP administration will consult with people when they ask for consultation.

He declared that the Allen Chastanet administration believes that Saint Lucia is a kingdom, with Chastanet being a King who rules by decree and gets his way.

“This United Workers Party will do anything to stay in political power,” the SLP leader asserted.

Pierre said the SLP was inviting all men and women of goodwill to join the struggle against a government that wants to have its way regardless of what the people say.

In this regard, Pierre noted that on the SLP platform  there were card bearing members of the ruling party who stood up and let themselves be counted as opposing what is happening in the country at present.

“They are standing up for their conscience,” he explained.

Former UWP Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick, was among those addressing the gathering.

He observed that it was the first time in his 14 year political career that he was speaking on the Castries market steps.

But an impassioned Frederick assured the responsive crowd that it will not be the last.

“Until I see we get rid of Chastanet and Philip J. Pierre is the next Prime Minister, I will not rest,” Frederick stated.

“All hands must be on deck and my hands are here for you labour party – use them,” the former MP stated.

Frederick recalled that this country’s ancestors fought for the right to vote, but some were stupid enough to use that right to give it to a descendant of the colonial masters “to treat us the same way that those slave owners were treating us.”

Photo courtesy SLP Facebook page

He asserted that this has to change.

“Chastanet, ring the bell!” Frederick demanded, as the crowd joined in the chant.

He urged the audience to ensure that their identification cards are ready, asserting that the PM believes that the controversial COVID-19 bill will give him an advantage over the SLP to call elections at any time and catch the opposition with its pants down.

“Folks, you know we have a fight on our hands – let us do battle. The battle is not us against us, it is us against Chastanet and he must go by any means necessary,” Frederick told the crowd which one organiser estimated to number over 4,000.

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