Tuesday, September 27, 2022

SLP Urges Full Disclosure In Anse L’Ivrogne Development Controversy

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The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is urging full disclosure in regard to the controversy over the development at Anse L’Ivrogne.

In  post on its official Facebook page, the party posed a series of questions to Planning Minister, Herod Stanislas.

The Facebook post is reproduced below:

The Minister, Herod Stanislas has failed to provide full disclosure as to what has transpired regarding the development at Anse L’Ivrogne. He should, therefore, answer the following questions:

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1. Is it true that the Cabinet of Ministers directed that approval be granted for the development?

2. Is it true that the plans for the villa currently under construction were approved for unilaterally by the Chairman of the Development Control Authority in the year 2018?

3. Is it true that this unilaterally approved application was never considered by the Pitons Management Area Advisory Committee (PMAAC), nor the DCA Board, as required by law?

4. Is it true, therefore, that the PMAAC never saw or considered the plans for the villa under construction?

5. Is it true that the recommended maximum building footprint for residential buildings as set out within the Limits of Acceptable Change is 2,000 square feet, and if so, then why was a building of 2,846 square feet, as stated by Minister Stanislas, approved?

6. Is it true that an Environmental Impact Statement was never requested of the developer by the Development Control Authority as per the Limits of Acceptable Change Study?

7. Is it true Ministers Guy Joseph and Herod Stanislas asked to personally meet the developer and that there was a meeting held at the Finance Administration Centre at the office of Minister Guy Joseph, along with the Minister for Physical Development and the Chair of the Development Control Authority, with the developer’s spouse, and that the legal representative of the developer was asked not to attend?

8. Is it also true that there is another development application currently pending for a much larger villa on the same property and within the same Policy Area 1(C)?

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