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Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am
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Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am

SLP Urges Government To Put Saint Lucians First Amidst Budget Presentation

Ahead of Tuesday’s Budget Address, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) reiterated its call on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to put the people of this country first.

“Many Saint Lucians have lost their jobs, businesses have closed, the poor and people with disabilities still have not received their monthly stipend for over 2 months, yet your campaign capital works have gone on without delay,” the SLP said on its official Facdebook page.

“We urge the Government to use the 78 million dollar loan from the IMF for its intended purposes – to provide economic relief for the people of Saint Lucia,” the SLP stated.


  1. The SLP are like barking dogs, sore losers. Every time they see progress they barking. SLP didn’t think of the citizens when they doubled down on VAT , were y’all able to pay for your license sticker when they sent the price sky high. Barking dogs sometimes bite.

      • You don’t know what you talking about. St Lucia under IMF, man quote your source and stop making a fool of yourself with the red bias comments.

      • Lucian Highgrade, You have made that same statement more than ten times. This is typical of SLP politicians and their supports. Repeating and repeating the same thing over and over again hoping that people will believe the lies. Lucians are not stupid.

  2. The leader of the SLP cannot run his own house hold yet he wants to run a country. They just jealous of chastanet. He is running the country properly. Vote him back . SLP leader cannot come close to the leadership of chastanet

  3. IMF EC 78 million or 40 plus US million none of this will be used on poor or working people, the IMF already given them strict guideline has to how this money should be spent so they can get back the maximum profit on interest of the loan. The interest on the loan is probably another 10 to 12 million US and they get 65-70 percent of every dollar we make this part they will take to their graves rather than to tell St Lucians the real cost of this loan. The IMF is a bank; banks makes profit for giving out loans St Lucians have no clue what we are in for with this man in office. They are going to use IMF monies to bolster themselves watch in the coming weeks. My mother always said when a black man takes a loan to buy a car the first thing he does before he pay for it is put on a set of new rims while a white man will drive the same car with the original rims until they fall off.

  4. Wow before putting comments check the exchange rate cause 78 EC is not equivalent to 40+US. Goes to show how you are so misleading in your judgement. The headlines said that SLP ask the PM to put people first during the budget but you talking about all other unrelated things. What you should have said to the party which is your God is did you ever put people first in your 15 or 16 budgets?

  5. Fearful you printed it so go read it…..what does the last paragraph say ? Where did the 78 million come from it drop out of the sky ??? Oh yes you have dementia wooie wooie wooie sorry gasa I keep forgetting you are of unsound mind. Take your medication pal and wheel and come again.

  6. O please pjp all of a sudden put St Lucians first.Your government that implement vat on the people of St Lucia and you will put it 20%.People have a brain and they can think for themselves I will not let no politians to fool me.Go and sleep god help St Lucia desperate power people 🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨

    • ….I sleep and I wake I serve her breakfast in bed ask where was when she get home. You want to compare VAT to IMF ?? O you silly man. The VAT was increase so we would never have to sell our souls to the LOAN SHARKS that I can live at least St Lucians would be in control of their own destiny.

  7. The slavery mentality is at its peak these days. Why do the 43% have to kiss the posterior of the white man so. I want Juke Bois and the Bo fess man to answer.

  8. Let’s now wait to hear from PROJECT BLOCKER – SLP . List of Projects objected to by the SLP

    People is that not a indictment on the SLP

    – NIC when it was formed in 1970, remember they told people that Compton would steal their monies

    – Pigeon Point Causeway

    – Rodney Bay Development

    – Leon Hess Oil Facility

    – Construction of the Millennium Highway

    – Construction of the John Compton Dam

    – New St Jude construction

    – Hewanorra airport redevelopment

    – Pearl of the Caribbean (DSH) project

    – New Police Head quarters

    – New Hall of Justice

    – New Castries market redevelopment project

    – construction of mini stadiums ( with swimming pool) in four communities.
    Soufriere / Desruisseau / Micoud/ Dennery

    • Ha ha ha ha ha NIC. Monies Chastanet and Guy took 43 million to invest in Golf course while the masses suffer. The dam is there we still can’t get water the old system was better we always had water. DHS Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Investment without dividend Ha Ha Ha Ha o we are so proud SLP built more new police stations and fire house than United Worthless Party and would have built the airport minus US $100 million O the absolute shame of it

  9. I Have another one: The Cabot Links project.

    Remember that was the old Raffle group project lands under the SLP. No, the NRDF did not oppose it then, now both the SLP and NRDF are against this development.

    St. Lucians please add to the list

  10. Pip is not ready for any leadership of any party far less a prime minister this man is suffering from priminister titis that’s just his dream but he will not be able to handle that post
    This man don’t have what it takes to lead this country I am afraid for him failing himself and the country in the process. The slp bunch is set of recycled persons with no new vision same old broke politions who cannot wait to get in power to fill their pockets just hungry for power .The slp is in the waiting to govern by now I think by now they plans should have been highlighted so that the voters can see why they givethem a chance to govern but they not ready yet they are right for leadership among themselves .I must say those are a set of sorry bunch

  11. I want someone to tell me what Pip has done for the people of his constituency for the four times that they have voted him. I really do not know why these people vote for this man. The main basic need of the constituency especially Marchand since the 1960s is proper housing and Philip J Pierre after 20 years have not built not even one proper plywood house with a decent toilet and bath for any family in the community. Instead he put up a public toilet and bath thus causing humiliation to his constituents when everyone has to see them leaving their homes to use a bathroom and in a number of cases have to wait for someone else to finish using the toilet.Can you imagine someone with a diarrhea having to make several trips to that facility. or can you imagine you being a young person and having to leave your home to go and use that facility and being seem by your peers. Oh how humiliating. Pip, the people deserve a lot, a lot , a lot better than that after supporting you for so long. Dominic Fedee within one year with have provided decent houses to everyone in Marchand. So if you have no vision to develop a community how can you develop a country.
    Get out and let someone who know about development do something for Castries East.

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