SLP Urges Government To Take Immediate Steps To Address Cabot Fiasco

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Press Release:–  Recent events in relation to the proposed Cabot Lodge Golf Course at Cap Estate have revealed and confirmed the serious improprieties committed by the current UWP Government in facilitating this project.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party therefore calls upon the Government to immediately take the following steps to redress the problems of this Cabot Fiasco.

i. Provide full disclosure of the terms of the loan and all other agreements between
the Cabot (St. Lucia) Inc., the National Insurance Corporation and the Government.
ii. In the absence of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the project, as
required by law, the immediate cessation of works ongoing on the Cap Estate site
until the appropriate approval process has been completed, including all relevant
statutory and other assessments.
iii. That Government immediately revokes Cabinet Decision No. 957 of 2020 in respect
of granting of a 75-year lease on the Queen’s Chain until the development process
is completed.
iv. That the Government protects and secures the rights of all those currently using the
beaches in that area for their livelihoods, in particular Marjorie Lambert, who has
been an entrepreneur at Cas En Bas Beach for the last two decades
v. That Government ensures that Cabot (St. Lucia) Inc. reinstates public rights of way
to Donkey Beach, Secret Beach and other beaches adjoining its property.
vi. That the Government protects the rights of access for persons to access the coastline
and the beaches in all developments including Cabot Saint Lucia;

The UWP Administration is again urged to place the interest of the people of Saint Lucia
first and not that of special interests.

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From the beginning The Saint Lucia Labour Party had said that the people’s pension funds at the NIC should not have been loaned to a wealthy foreign businessman to buy our land.

Now his ownership of the land, and by extension the people’s money, is being used to deprive Saint Lucians of their rights and access to their beaches.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party stands in solidarity with the people of Saint Lucia and all other organisations which have expressed their concerns regarding the development of Cabot Saint Lucia.

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