SLP urges reinstatement of laptop programme

Press Release:-The Saint Lucia Labour Party is horrified by comments made by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on a local radio call-in programme where he said, that there was no budgetary allocation for laptops made available to students by the Labour Government. Hence the reason why the UWP government was not guaranteeing laptops to students for the year 2017.

It is passing strange that the Prime Minister would cast blame at the Labour Party for his government’s failure to make the Computer Literacy education of the children of Saint Lucia a priority.

 The Prime Minister’s excuse is inaccurate as it has been clearly stated that the computers made available in 2016 to our children was a gift from the Government of Taiwan. The UWP Government should have ensured that the gift was received again this year. We are aware that the Government of Taiwan was willing to provide the computers in 2017.

The UWP Government should explain how activities such the consultancies, contracts and audits which were NOT budgeted could have been provided for. In the same way, if not budgeted for, the computers could have been treated in likewise manner.

In any event, the SLP wishes to point out that the fiscal year ends in March 2017 and there is adequate time for the UWP government to make the allocation for computers in its 2017 – 2018 budget.

These excuses are misleading and demonstrate the low priority that the government has placed on the preparation of the children of Saint Lucia for the world of work that demands computer literacy.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling on the government to re- instate the laptop initiative immediately.



  1. Please spear me this bovine excrement. The SLP was voted out of office because of their inability to manage the country’s economy, don’t forget the first three years of negative growth. This narrative you’re engage in is nothing more than an appeasement for political sycophant.

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