SLP Vows To Address ‘Vindictiveness’ In Society When In Power

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)  will, in office, address vindictiveness and other negative traits that are dividing the society, it has been announced.

“When the Saint Lucia Labour Party gets into office, the Saint Lucia Labour Party will, as far as possible, try to stop he animousity, the division, the bitterness and the vindictiveness in the society,” party leader, Philip J. Pierre said Wednesday night.

“Our party will not subscribe to that kind of behaviour,” the SLP leader declared.

Pierre was a guest on the DBS Television programme, Newsmaker Live, with broadcast journalist, Timothy Poleon.

“Philip J. Pierre as prime minister will never say to opponents ‘Let the jackasses bray’ even though it is figuratively or not. We will never say ‘I don’t listen to barking dogs’. I will never say that,” he said.

Asked whether he would never refer to MPs on the opposite side as ‘Poodles’, Pierre declared that he would never do so.

He went on to assert that a poodle is actually a pet.

At that point, Poleon interrupted telling the opposition leader that there was no justification for the ‘poodle’ comment.

In 2014, Vieux Fort South MP, Dr. Kenny Anthony  had referred to Castries South-East MP Guy Joseph, as a poodle – arguing that it was a figure of speech.

The comment ignited a controversy here.

SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre said that the people of Saint Lucia voted to make it right.

“The people of Saint Lucia voted the labour party out of office because they did not agree with what we were doing – we accepted it. I called Allen Chastanet and I congratulated him. I said ‘You have won. Congratulations!’ We are not going back into the past,” Pierre stated.

“What we are looking for now is is betterment and we are saying that this party that I lead will do the betterment for Saint Lucia in our next term,” the SLP leader said.


  1. I hope you keep your word because if things continue as is. Every five years a number of people will just be victimize for their part affiliation.This need to stop

  2. Y’all politicians never sees to amaze me. You pip used to victimize people all the time and hear you now. You say anything and everything just to get back into power.

  3. Mr. politicians, who did caused all the negatives you just mentioned in this interview? Tell the people the truth; Yes it is you politicians on both sides! and here you are; being paid with your own coins, unfortunately the électorats are the victims, because we are the one’s putting you there to treat us with arrogance and mépris.

  4. Ahuh? And you while motion of no confidence was trying to tarnish a man’s name. I say this to say that you did not attack his performance mainly, you attempted to attack him (the PM) as a person. Now that is vindictiveness and divisiveness, Mr Pierre.
    Anyway, you both sets of politicians do the same. The guys on the yellow boat do the same, always attacking with name calling etc. Bit sir, if your party is to win, I suggest you not lead. I would vote SLP if perhaps Alva or Hilaire or someone new leads the party. Otherwise I wont vote either party.

  5. I feel sorry for St Lucians when Chastanet said 43% of St St Lucians are jackasses I thought he was wrong but now I see he is correct. Niggers are fraid of whites. Ask King and Spider

  6. But Pierre your people practice that than any other party. you should start by saying that certain snakes in my party must be removed and made to account. the party will never move forward with the present crop who have done nothing worthy in politics but engage in the very behaviours you describe. the UWP is a far better party. as for guy joseph, he better behave himself, or he will go the way of a former choiseul rep. uwp, dont stand for that kinda sheet in their party unlike u fellas.

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