Thursday, October 6, 2022

SLP Wants Clarification On Status Of IMPACS Report

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Press Release:–  The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling on the UWP Government to clarify the situation regarding the status of the IMPACS Report.

The SLP recalls that it was under a UWP Government, that the Police launched Operation
Restore Confidence in 2010-2011, months before the general election of 2011 and that this
operation resulted in the shooting death of 12 citizens.

Operation Restore Confidence also resulted in the United States Government applying the Leahy Law to Saint Lucia in August 2013, cutting off assistance to the RSLPF on the basis of “credible allegations of gross human rights violations” by the police.

It also led to an investigation of that operation in 2014 by the CARICOM Implementation
Agency for Crime and Security, (IMPACS).

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The Labour Party Government had submitted the Report to the then Director of Prosecution in 2015.

This current Allen Chastanet Government, during the 2016 general election campaign and on entering office in June 2016, had promised that it would speedily settle all issues arising out of the IMPACS Report and would in effect make “IMPACS” “disappear in six months”.

To date the matter has not been resolved and the Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling for clarification of the status of the IMPACS Report.

The SLP is calling on the government to keep its promise to the police and resolve the issue
and bring an end to the unnecessary pain and suffering of all those involved in this unfortunate event.

Headline photo: Officer takes part in police operation (File image)

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