SLP Youth Arm Urges Greater Youth Involvement In Decision Making

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Press Release:- The Saint Lucia Labour Party Youth Organization [SLPYO] applauds the United Nations General Assembly for endorsing an insightful and progressive recommendation by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in 1999 to declare August 12 International Youth Day [IYD].

The SLPYO is elated to join hands with local and national Youth organizations to mark this auspicious occasion and assures all young people; our voices, our ideas, our aspirations matter and will always matter even beyond the annual 24 hour Youth Day observance.

The ethos of the IYD 2020 theme, ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’, is indicative of SLPYO philosophy which promotes inclusivity, encourages discourse and facilitates the participation of young people interested in contributing to the socio-economic development agenda for Saint Lucia.

Regardless of the predetermined benefits or possible inadvertent consequences, the SLPYO believes holistic decision making by our leaders and policy makers can only come out of meaningful and transparent engagement with the stakeholders, the people and indeed the Youth.

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Inevitably it will be the Youth who will have to either endure austerity or build on the success of our predecessors.

The Youth, the protégés of today – will eventually replace the leaders of tomorrow. The SLPYO therefore appeals to the present day mentors, guardians and rule-makers to bridge the gap and reserve a seat at the roundtable and afford young people opportunity to participate, contribute and offer alternative perspectives from energetic minds.

We believe adopting a symbiotic approach between the Youth and today’s leaders can restore and strengthen trust in national institutions and foster contemporary leadership values that may not seem outmoded and off-putting but instead progressive, inclusive and relevant to the times.

It is in this regard; the SLPYO anticipates tangible changes on Youth development from Hon. Philip J. Pierre’s innovative proposal to develop a Youth oriented socio-economic agenda for Saint Lucia.

The SLPYO salutes Saint Lucian Youth who serve our country and those who pursue and continue to excel in academics, sport, the arts and culture, entertainment, technology and other vocational and entrepreneurial endeavours.

To the Youth, who volunteer, who organize at the community and constituency levels to advocate for social development and change, to the Youth groups who mobilize and invest their own time and efforts to provide an avenue and safe spaces for their peers to engage in positive social activity, to all big brothers and sisters keeping a watchful eye on our youngest still – this is your moment and you’ve earned it. We at the SLPYO applaud you.

Happy International Youth Day 2020!

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