Friday, February 21, 2020

SLSWMA, Hoteliers Launch Anti-Liter Campaign

Press Release:– The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA), the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), and the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) have collaborated in the fight toward a cleaner environment.

The present undertaking is a publicity drive which seeks to discourage the practice of littering, a serious solid waste management issue for the country, made highly visible after the cutting of grass along the country’s roads and highways.

Not only is litter unsightly, but litter clogs drains, litter is a breeding ground for pests, litter harms life in waterways e.g. rivers and seas, litter is a threat to public health and of course litter costs millions of dollars to clean up.

Through funding provided by the Tourism Enhancement Fund the ‘Garcon You Mad or What’ campaign has been made possible to sensitize the public about littering.

The campaign takes the form of bumper stickers which highlight the bad habit of tossing litter out of moving vehicles onto roads, highways as well as private and public spaces. One thousand (1000) bumper stickers are available for distribution among vehicle owners in the first instance.

Also supporting this initiative is the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT).  Through the NCOPT stickers have already been distributed to Minibus Associations for placement on vehicles.

Individuals in receipt of bumper stickers are encouraged to support the movement towards a cleaner environment by not only placing the stickers onto their vehicles but also arming vehicles with a bag for garbage.

The general public is also encouraged to take heed of the message and stop the practice of littering.

Interested persons should also feel free to communicate with the Authority in order to obtain stickers.


  1. The problem is the people not the plastic. Damn primitives like living in filth. I often wonder if anyone else (apart from tourists) notice how trashy the place is…beaches, road sides, rivers where people park their vehicles to wash( inside the river) , drains. I mean, we can ban the plastic containers n all that, but it doesn’t change the quality of citizen we seem to be producing. I guess that what rum and music culture creates.

    • The majority of St. Lucians are nasty. They would throw trash right on the sidewalk instead of carrying a few feet to a bin. It’s a sad culture of lawlessness and filth. If they knew they would be fined for petty crime they would think twice.

  2. We like to live surrounded by trash but not on our land.There use to be bins all over the place,now they are missing,neighbours would have big containers to drop their trash,that has disapeared.We still need to find the right way of dealing with our trash,obviously we havent.Just went to Vieufort land fill today,boy we have problems.What happened to the tire shreading machine? wasent the rubber good for making concrete,or be used for making roads.

  3. ST Lucia Simply Beautiful?

    People should be fined for littering
    Empty lots in our towns need to be cleaned and rubbish removed by the owners
    We need dustbins on our high streets
    KFC, blue water and other businesses should provide bins because it’s their rubbish you see all over the place
    Educate our people
    Take your rubbish home with you, don’t leave it at the beach

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  5. Nothing gets me more disgusted to see our citizens throw stuff on the streets or out of car windows. I honestly feel like cursing them and saying how SALOPTAY we are as a people. Lucians are just nasty. That whole lazy attitude we have when it comes to keeping our environment clean is a real atrocity. Clean up people!!! Awful shame to be doing this to our beautiful country.

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