SLSWMA Resumes Derelict Vehicle Removal Campaign

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) last week resumed a campaign to remove derelict vehicles, hauling away nine abandoned cars from the City.

The initiative is being supported by the police.

SLSWMA intends to embark on the activity monthly to remove the derelict vehicles from various locations, Communications and Information Manager, Emlyn Jean, told St Lucia Times.

Jean explained that the priority is removing vehicles that hamper the access of emergency responders.

“One of those that we did was the Hospital Road area because of the access required for the movement of emergency vehicles to Victoria Hospital,” the SLSWMA official explained.

“We are looking at schools – locations where derelict vehicles are very close to schools and on major roads,” she said.

Jean disclosed that this year’s removal exercise started on Friday with the removal of nine derelict vehicles.

But she said the campaign will continue on a monthly basis.

Jean told St Lucia Times despite the removal exercise, the Authority is advising owners of derelict vehicles that they have the responsibility to get rid of the vehicles.

She said the owners have to ensure that public and private spaces are kept clear.

Jean said the campaign started late last year and resulted in the removal of a number of vehicles from various locations.

Derelict vehicle in La Clery with removal notice

She told St Lucia Times and removal notices have been placed on some vehicles.

The notices read: This vehicle has been found to be derelict and the keeping of it in this location contravenes Section 38 of the Waste Management Act of 2004. You are hereby given seven (7) days to remove or dispose of the said vehicle at an approved landfill or it will be towed and disposed of at your expense.”



  1. Why so long? And why the kneejerk reaction. So many things that are supposed to be happening in this country simply aren’t happening. You have to wonder why those public workers receive a salary and why they are always clamouring for increases.

    • Timothy it seems like is the public workers that putting the old vehicles on the side of the road. Yourll quick to blame others for yourll nastiness and not taking responsibility for yourll actions. Go and see how many old vehicles you self have all over the damn place. Ignorance is bliss

  2. Dont leave your old weel barrow that cant be fixed or will ever run again on the side of the road.Put your trash on your own piece of land and you wont have problems,but dont dump it on a public road.

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