SLTU Not Consulted About Continued Face-To-Face Education – Sources

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Reliable sources have told St Lucia Times that the authorities did not consult the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) regarding continuing face-to-face education in schools.

“Nobody had any consultation with the SLTU which does not take kindly to non-engagement,” the sources asserted.

They spoke on the condition of anonymity in the aftermath of Thursday’s announcement by Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer.

“A recommendation came from the Department of Health through the office of the Chief Medical Officer, also through the COVID management centre which was then presented to the Cabinet of Ministers and then confirmed that we are able to continue with this academic year with our face to face education for our children,” she disclosed in a statement.

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The statement came against the backdrop of a surge in COVID-19 cases and concerns that although Saint Lucia has not officially confirmed the presence of the Omicron variant, it may already be here.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced confirmation of 258 new COVID-19 cases.

And health officials have indicated that the country is currently dealing with a fifth wave of the virus that started on December 16.

However, the Chief Education Officer assured that educators and administrators are following the protocols at the schools and speaking to the entire school community to strengthen health protocols in the interest of everyone’s health and safety.

Philip-Mayer urged everyone to be vigilant, noting that the student population would be around ten to eleven percent of the COVID numbers, regardless of being in or out of school.

And she said children who have been part of a household impacted by COVID-19 should remain at home while noting that parents have a special responsibility to continue to support the authorities in that matter.


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  1. Teachers, go and sweat for all you salary. Stop staying at all you homes and getting a salary for doing nuttin.

  2. Under uwp…that lady was quick to open school on January 7 2021 when covid started and was ravaging all countries …she is at it again! Slp is the same as uwp…no consultation…no parents involvement…just top down decisions on matters that affect lives…principals are more hypocrites…quick to consult and beg parents money for fund raisers etc but not on reopening..sakway sa…

  3. I think that it is a very bad idea to allow our precious jewels to return to the physical classroom. Why are the parents not consulted and ask what we think is best for our children. It’s time this nonesense stop. The Minstry of Education needs to involve parents before making such decisions. First of all the chief does not operate at any school, therefore she have no idea what the teachers and staff have to endure at schools. I think they should rethink opening school on Monday.

  4. We are paying union fees for these union leaders to keep quiet. Come next election, all these union leaders will be voted out.

  5. Good and I hope all teachers report to work Covid or no Covid montroupe and Howell took mumu pills I hope they are offered a carrot so they can screw the teachers

  6. and ummm did the ministry of cmo provide adequate school facility when the parents deliberately send them sick at the school to infect others???

  7. Pjp now is the time to stop all this bs and start to treat entities who are in the frontline of this better and involve them . No one can do it alone the better all sides give their position the faster the youth will not suffer and move forward with an effective plan . We live on a Little Rock this should not be rocket science knowing the information at hand . Shame on our leaders and look like this Covid show a new form of “ political science “

  8. Does SLTU pay a ingle teacher? Why should the Chief needs SLTU validation to send children to school? Let us live with Covid.

  9. What’s new, dictatorship at its primary best but we should not complain. That’s what we voted for. I know had it been the past administration both Howell and Montrose voices would be all over the airwaves by now and they would be asking teachers not to report for duty amidst the rising cases. Now ANONYMOUS speaks on behalf of SLTU. This is sheer madness that cabinet members should want to subject the future of our nation to such a risk. As their slogan goes PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST. I can see they are trying to put the children dead first.

  10. Let me again state what I stated upon reading the initial report regarding Face-To-Face Education To Continue In Saint Lucia: These rising numbers indicate that Omicron is more than likely the beast that’s currently fanning the flames of this new Corona-virus wave — over 250 new cases announced yesterday, Wednesday, 5th January, which included a frightening Positivity Rate of over 35%. In light of the fact that Omicron spreads like wild fire, I hope the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer, the CMO and authorities of the Department of Health, the people officiating at the Covid-19 Management Centre, as well as the Cabinet of Ministers of Saint Lucia are ready to manage the inevitable consequences of opting for face to face education of the nation’s children at this critical juncture. Let

    Let me now add this: If, as the above report suggests, reliable sources are correct in saying that the authorities did not consult the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) regarding continuing face-to-face education in Saint Lucia’s vulnerable schools at this juncture, that tops the list of “Egregious Omissions of the Year”. What will the SLTU tell the people they serve when all hell breaks loose with an out-of-control outbreak of Omicron among the nation’s school children? Who will give an account to the people when the wheels come off the Saint Lucia school bus?

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