SLTU President Accuses Ministry of Disrespecting Teachers

Saint Lucia teachers Union (SLTU) President, Julian Monrose, has criticised the Ministry of Education, asserting that ministry officials disrespect teachers.

Monrose spoke at a ceremony Sunday in Soufriere that brought a close to Teachers’ Week activities.

He observed that at an event to honour 41 teachers for their outstanding contribution to the development of this country, no representative of the Ministry of Education was present.

Monrose told teachers that the 41 educators had  contributed 1, 446 cumulative years to education in Saint Lucia.

“That is a tremendous contribution,” he declared.

The SLTU President said there was one embarrassing part to the honour ceremony.

“There was no ministry official, though they were invited,” Monrose noted

He said he felt bad, since he felt that the people who should have been honouring the teachers were their employers, the Ministry of Education.

“Everybody had an excuse – nobody could find somebody in the ministry. It could have been an Education Officer – they could have at least sent the messenger and we would say the ministry was represented,” Monrose told those in attendance.

“It is part of the disrespect that they have for teachers,” he declared.

“If it wasn’t for that, somebody in the ministry would have been present to say to these teachers ‘Thank you. Job well done’ and to wish them well,” the SLTU President observed to applause.

He disclosed that it was the second year running that the SLTU has had a dinner for retirees with a no show by representatives of the ministry.

“They lucky I am not the teachers’union because when I invite you once, you don’t come, twice you don’t come – then you’re crossed off the list,” Monrose stated.

However the SLTU President noted that teachers’ week began on a prayerful note with an ecumenical service and suggested that perhaps he needed to be more forgiving.






  1. This government is radioactive. The Ministers have disrespected and alienated the police, custom officers, teachers, hotel workers, nurses, doctors, young women almost everyone. These people are in government to serve themselves. The people are inconsequential until election time comes around. The non-attendance of any education official sends a clear and unambiguous message to the teachers specially and to the country in general, civil servants are easily expendable. Power has disconnected these vultures from the people.

  2. Big deal. It was a teacher’s union affair no obligation for the ministry’s participation. Mr. president is petty but consistent; he is trying to pick a fight.

    • Serious, your reasoning is seriously flawed and moronic. What sort of preposterous reasoning is that! In a neighboring island a ceremony to honor teachers who have given 30+ years to the teaching profession was held. The Ministry of Education and by extension, the government, was solely responsible for organizing and financing the entire ceremony. This is exactly what any responsible government does, appreciate and reward those civil servants, in this particular case, teachers, who have given yeoman service to the profession. Your comment is nothing more than an attempt to appease this do-nothing, uncaring, heartless government. How can anyone with even a modicum of common sense support such blatant disregard of such dedicated teachers? People have to stop defending wrongdoings. This is the reason why the country is in dire straits right now. The country is galloping towards complete anarchy.

  3. Mr. Monrose, everything in this country is politics, so what respect are you talking about? There is no respect in politics. That is how we are treated after electing a government, we are been treated with mépris and arrogance.
    Government officials will only attend an audience if only it was organize by one of them. And that is not new sir!

  4. The Minister sent a long message on Teacher’s Day. She also had lunch with over 100 of us at Coco Palm on Friday. What else yall want from the lady?

    • I was present. She didn’t have lunch. She was present after lunch. She present a few prizes and addressed teachers briefly.

  5. The brother is try to get into a fight ,we all know you are a hack so you wanted to poison the minister ,I invite the drug kartel next

  6. As far as I’m concerned the Ministry of Education is responsible for planning every ceremony honouring retiree teachers. To be absent from such an event although invited is adding insult to injury. IT IS HEARTBREAKING AND DISRESPECTFUL. It doesn’t matter what the motive was for making such a statement. It’s a FACT!!

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