SLTU President claims there’s ‘confusion’ at SALCC

Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) President, Julian Monrose, has declared that there is confusion reigning at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) and says lecturers want the situation resolved before the new school term begins.

“We know that there is confusion at the college,” Monrose said Friday.

“We know that there is a Vice Principal that is giving direction, but we also know that the board had appointed a leadership team comprising two other persons that would be giving direction to the college,” the SLTU President observed.

He asserted that once such confusion exists and the new school year begins, it would not augur well for the morale of SLTU members.

According to Monrose, the college has been without a Principal for the past seven months which has created some problems.

“That is where you have a leadership team on one end and then you have a  Vice Principal on another and that has to be corrected, because the staff have to know from whom they are taking directives,” the SLTU official explained.

The SALCC board resigned earlier this month, amid word of a fallout with the government over the imposition of an increase in tuition fees.

Monrose said the board never communicated to the SLTU why its members were resigning, although it was the right of board members to quit.

“What we are concerned about is the situation at the college that is not good – a working atmosphere that is not good for the lecturers and the assistant lecturers and one that is certainly not good for the education of our young people,” he stated.

The SLTU held a meeting with lecturers this week and Monrose revealed that it was clear that they wanted something done.

“Morale is very low. They don’t know what is happening at the college – they don’t know who is in charge and that is impacting morale and they are saying that they want that resolved.”

The SLTU President said the lecturers have given the union a mandate to write to the Minister of Education to seek dialogue so that their concerns can be addressed before the new term starts.

He also expressed the view that it would be ‘the proper thing’ for the ministry to consult with the union before appointing a new SALCC board.



  1. Aa that is grave confusion to operate the college without leadership. Two bodies giving directives to lecturers?No wonder the students are sssayi the college is a mess and a waste of time. Come education minister correct that.

  2. Why we didn’t hear nothing from you when the board wanted to jack up the price now you coming and talk kaka

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