SLTU President Warns Against Trivialising School Security, Urges Minister To Act

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The Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) wants action by the Minister of Education and his Ministry on school security and has warned against trivializing the issue, especially given recent incidents at local schools.

SLTU President Don Howell disclosed that the union would be documenting its concerns to Education Minister Shawn Edward.

“The SLTU will not be taking lightly the Ministry trivialising the issue of school security. The safety of teachers and students at school is paramount to the union and we need the Ministry to act,” Howell told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that the union had been lamenting over the school security issue and was disappointed at the official response.

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“At this time the Minister of Education who is the head of policy within the Ministry has not found it fit to make a policy statement relating to school security and the plans of the ministry,” Howell expressed.

The SLTU President referred to fights among students and assaults on teachers.

And he told St Lucia Times that the union made representation to the Ministry of Education on the security issue and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC).

According to Howell, the union met two weeks ago with the Minister and presented its concerns.

But he explained that the Minister did not have much time, so they agreed to meet on Friday, May 27, to discuss school security policy, other matters at SALCC and union concerns.

“We are asking for an audit of schools to find out the specific security needs and for the SLTU this requires that the Minister should pay specific attention to those issues. So we are disheartened that our meeting today had to be postponed and furthermore the manner in which the SLTU was informed of the Minister’s absence today suggests to us that maybe the Minister is trivialising the issue of school security and other issues that plague the education sector,” Howell declared.

Headline photo: (L to R) Don Howell and Shawn Edward

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    In my opinion I suggest that the School administration should not accept or tolerate wrong when destruction and violent are before them, when there is strife and conflits, must take heed and précautions measures, because they are rebells (rebellious) from birth !!!!!

  2. I don’t know why we expected better from Shawn. Shawn was maybe the laziest, most laizzer faire teacher ever to grace the profession. Shawn wouldn’t care if Monday falls on a Wednesday. He was hardly at school, very late when he went and did nothing. I’m sorry for the education system of this country under the direction of Shawn and Pauline. PJP you need an urgent cabinet reshuffle to save our children and schools.

  3. The minister need to take the concern seriously because the fact is we have more guns here than before hence what happen in Texas is possible to happen here and its just a matter of time. Not only in schools but in the ministry, or anywhere because many ppl fed up.

  4. but when teachers strike now the public have alllll sorts of bullock to say…they lazy they this they that……what a profession i have seen been down graded by others in a time like this especially in this country…..

    the most important of all important professions

  5. There we go again, a country of Reactive people instead of Proactive people.

    Saint Lucians like waiting for something to happen and then decides to make noise about it. Only now you people are concerned about security at schools? When students were doing all sorts at schools, disrespecting teachers, fighting, carry weapons and whatever, where was the cry for security at schools?

    Keep waiting on Politicians who only gives a S**T about themselves and not the people of this country.

  6. Shawn is lost just like the rest of them. They’re too busy appointing their FFF in positions to care about the people who put them in.

  7. Same tune just different individuals. I recalled once a student was caught with a gun in school and that situation was wash aside. When a teach get stab or a lash or broken bones or a bullet by a student that is when they will see to act. The fact remains that St. Lucia is more reactive than pro active… You only hear narratives and zero action

  8. No doubt in St. Lucia there are some walking around with loose screws, we have Nuts all you need is Bolts in that equation. Put the jokes aside, a young Nut have been used by other Nuts to throw Molotov Cocktail at what he thinks the white Statue represents; its a sick mind with the hatred of any Race which dose not look like him, or what he perceives to have been his oppressor or such that will not regard him as an equal. It is dangerous at a time such as this with the availability of guns and copycats all about, confusion and a sick mind mixed with ignorance, racism and hatred. This Cocktail in the ‘End Time’ will sadly show its ugly face. But if one finds a Bible believing Church and starts to Pray, the Lord will hear your voice no matter how small.

  9. dont worry unless something like what happen in texas they will not see the need to act swift just like everything else. i dont kow why is untill people die they want to get serious

  10. The minister is as lost as his colleagues in parliament. Not until there is an incident, then something will be done.


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